injuries during phase 1

just wondering what the procedure is for those unfortunate enough to get injured during Phase 1 training?! Are you sent home and asked to come back once fit enough to continue, or are you put into rehabilitation on base??

anyone here had any broken bones/stress fractures/lost limbs during training etc? lol


Depends on the type of injury, if I remember correctly. If it's months we are talking about, come back later. If it's a broken wrist or twisted sock usually rehab for a couple of weeks. When I was going through, one guy shattered his femor and knee joint, put him out for life, but at least he got a pension and resettlement out of it (after 11 weeks in the army!)
Major Injury - MD or Sword Company for Rehab

Minor Injury, just signed off duties, and just hope you dont miss to much otherwise youll get back trooped.

I had 2 injuries during my basic, I smashed my elbow to pieces when I was in Jail on week 3. Just got signed off duties for a week for it to heal.

Then in wales when I was hill walking I fucked my knee up, just had light duties and physio for 2 weeks.
For being Idle.

My drill Instructor was a welsh guard, he used to hate us "chippy c.u.nts" (REME)

He sent us to jail for not having our chins raised, then on another occasion for not growing on the turn.

The best one was when he made my march head first into a bush, then with my head in the bush start marking time whilst shouting "I am a cok"

Classic lol.

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