Injuries and why we put up with them.

I'm after an insight into what people think about injuries gained while serving. Not so much trauma but these knee pains and back pain that is almost expected because we're squaddies.

I'm retraining as a Sport Therapist and have had all sorts of problems with not getting the correct treatment or being warned to avoid going sick or being told by Drs/ Physio/Seniors that I just need to get on with it amd cope/mask the pain Now I know that it was all unnecessary and I didn't need the surgery or 90% of medication I was given and could have been stopped with a few hours treatment before I started basic training.
I know I'm not the only one in this situation but would people be willing to go out of the system to fix a problem? When I say fix the problem I mean get to the root cause and stop it happening again/ in the first place?
Do you think it could work pre-ATR to condition and avoid it happening in the first place?

All opinions greatly accepted and appreciated!

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