Injuries and the Army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SurgicalPrecision, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im starting at Pirbright on the 16th september 2013 and I've picked up a training injury, Illiotibial Band Syndrome or ITBS. Theres already a thread on what to do about it and all that but there's nothing concerning what would happen to recruits if they have or pick this injury up. As with everyone just about to do their Phase 1 training I'm really excited and have been waiting a long time for this.

    What I really want to ask is this: If I go to Pirbright with this injury (which is alright at the moment) and it worsens or plays me up again will I just be sent home and told to come back another time or will the army help me out and work with me to resolve it? I just dont want to turn up all bright eyed, give 100% and get sent home because of an injury that worsens when I run.

    Any advice is welcome But I would especially appreciate comments from Physiotherapists and PT's as they will be the ones leading the fitness stuff.

  2. While I was at an ATR we used to regularly send potential recruits away who had picked up an injury before starting training. Those who suffered an injury during training would either carry on with light duties (if it was possible) or get back classed, or get set home or get put into the rehab platoon, or get kicked out completely.
  3. Oh and those who lied about injuries used to get hoofed out as 'defect on enlistment'
  4. Well I never lied about it since when I went for selection it was fine and had been fine for a while before. The Physio I had been seeing said I was pretty much healed. So as far as I was concerned i was fit to join.
  5. Is an omission the same as a lie?

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  6. I do believe we used to consider it 'lying by omission'
  7. I suppose we can sack all the MO's, Nurses, CMT's, HCA's, receptionists etc as everyone can self diagnose and certify themselves fit for training, courses, tours..
  8. I thought it'd be something like that.

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  9. Can anyone else offer any specific knowledge on this (ITBS) or is there only sarcasm and accusations?
  10. No accusation and only one mild bit of sarcasm. you are really going to suffer training and beyond.
    good luck, as you'll need it.
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  11. Thanks, Hopefully I'll prove you wrong
  12. So you're going to tell the truth then?

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  13. Hah! See you're calling me a liar. I never lied all through my application and selection and I even told them about this without being asked
  14. I don't see you being called a liar in this?

  15. Asking if I'm going to tell the truth is the same as saying I have lied, which I didn't; I volunteered knowledge of my injury. This is getting off topic now and quite petty. Thank you anyway for the replies anyone who has further info let me know. thanks