Injured whilst on training weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by snornin, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. I am now 6 weeks into a broken ankle / ligament injury that I have now been told will take another 2 months in an aircast boot, small operation and then physio. Looking at 4-5 months til return to work. Was informed by my unit ( despite doing the injury happening during an exercise with numerous onlookers ) that my civilian employer sick pay was all I would get. Due to not working shifts I will be down about £400 per month and over 5 months this adds up!

    However, have now heard from a source that I can claim a TA disability allowance for the duration of the recovery that takes my wages upto that of my TA pay ( which only equals my normal pay ). I am awaiting a response from APC but has anyone had similar issues with lack of information from their unit following injury sustained on duty.
  2. u hurt yourself or through a direct result of military negligence did u hurt yourself?
  3. 6 months off your job with a broken ankle! who are you? Michael Flatley!
    There is a form - as always - that goes off to Glasgow. Ensure your admin is spot on and KEEP COPIES!. You will find your regular staff have the impression that your sick pay is coming out of their bank accounts. You shouldn't be worse off because you had an injury training.
  4. Injury occurred on a suprise casualty evacuation exercise as we were withdrawing from the enemy i.e. running away. However, I was initially told by reg staff and confirmed by the adjutant that I would receive army pay for the duration of the injury. However, 3 weeks after injury was told "no you wont". However, was recently informed that about the TA allowance. Its good to clarify this as accidents happen and the misconception that you will be paid by the Army in the event of injury is mostly a myth. If there isnt an allowance that you can claim then any TA members who would not receive employers sickpay i.e students, self employed etc should be made aware of the financial implications of this. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the training right upto the break and will return as soon as possible regardless of the outcome of this.
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    msr LE

    TA Regs Chapter 8 goes into great detail on this.

  6. Just a n addition to say if I had an office job I would be back at work now. However, no one wants a nurse
    ( male ) on crutches especially on a dialysis ward....
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Can they not find you an alternative role until you are fixed?

  8. Have asked and no due to the liklihood of injury! They most probably feel that I would fall and claim! and no I wouldnt to both.
  9. Your unit should have made an injury / accident report on an MOD 298 and adhered to the instructions in TA Regs Chapter 8. Disability Allowance (DA) will give you your daily rate of pay for up to 26 weeks (but SPVA will subtract any sick pay given to you by your employer).

    Go back to your unit and request to see the injury report. Take a doctor's note with you. Do NOT take any sh*t for this, you were injured during training and a report should state this quite clearly. In fact, if it was due to negligence (which I don't think it is, this stuff happens on Ex all the time) then a Boeard of Inquiry should have been held.

    If the PSAO gets awkward, ask for an OCs interview and if that is refused then take it to the CO. This nonsence really grips my sh*t. We expect the TA to turn up and train at week-ends but we are often very tardy when we injure them. Your civilian employer won't be too pleased either.

    Last resort is to get onto the Confidential Support Line. Drop the unit in the sh*t because the unit will be 'fingered' to Adjutant General's shop at Upavon. The operator will direct the info to the correct staff officer who will contact the unit to investigate.

    OK, it will put you in the frame when it's investigated, but if you've been treated incorrectly, it's your right to seek redress. Doing it this way will piss them off and make sure that they get all their sh*t in one sock in the future.

    The Civ doctors note is crucial. You should NOT lose out on this. If all else fails, pm me, but not for 14 days 'cos I'm out of the country.

  10. MODS please put this where it will be seen by as many TA Personnel on ARRSE as possible:

    INSURANCE: [hr] RFCAs do an annual scheme which also covers Off Duty Risks. Comes into the unit every year. Open to TA and NRPS it cost about £18-00 for the top option which gives your family £100K if you cork it and pays dosh out if you are injured. Also covers for off duty risks e.g. Falling down steps on a night out or breaking your leg whilst having an unsupervised kick-about outside the block before scran.

    If every body took advantage of this, there would be fewer cases of delving into the labarynthine gobble-de-gook which is TA Regs Chapter 8.

    So pester your PSAOs. If they get awkward, go to the phone book and contact your local Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. Ask about the insurance (run by AIG the same Company that does Pax RPax). You may also tell them that their annual insurance letter is being oput into the too difficult tray by your idle PSAOs.

  11. msr

    msr LE

    If you write it into a wiki page, I will add the link from the TA forum FAQ.

  12. Will speak politely to my PSAO on Monday and enquire as to why this scheme has not been mentioned as per TA regulations....will let you know the outcome! As for anyone else GET INSURED! This is my one and only accident and they happen when you least expect them....
  13. if the injury is serious you may be able to claim compensation under the armed forces compensation scheme run by the veterans agency if the recovery is likely to take more than 1 year this is irrespective of negligence. This only relates to compensation for the injury but not loss of earnings etc.
  14. I posted a reply to this earlier but for some reason it did not work 8O

    I have this insurance, top option, as I'm NRPS. Having just had an accident at work I have been informed through my unit that this insurance only covers me to and from work or when travelling between places of work :x

    As my injury is potentially career ending, I'm obviously not best pleased :x
  15. Did you complete an accident report form (510)? It is a standard form used in civvy street as well. You'll know if you had, you should have signed it. That and the 298 that Scabbers mentioned are your saftey net for when these things happen. Whoever was conducting the BE/BL/PT is responsible for ensuring these are done. As I understand it, you are definately entitled to some form of 'compensation' if you are unable to work due to an injury sustained whilst on TA training.