Injured Troops placed in Mixed Civilian Wards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. Jesus, so these taxpaying lads are in unsecure enviroments after the NHS has had its budget doubled.
  2. Its really very sad that I'm not even suprised.
  3. How true nothing seems to cause an outrage theses days, Joe Public dosen't even notice.
  4. Joe public is being distracted John...Look! A Celebrity!!! Over There!
  5. I'd be more concerned we have so many wounded we have to do this
  6. But surely as the MOD 'do not collate information on wounded British servicemen' there are actually none - prehaps PTP you should 'get with the program'
  7. Dear God, how can they do this? What a Morale Killer that must be. Get hit with Schrapnel in A-Stan and put into an Open ward next to Heroin Addicts, Or Mentally Unstable persons. Totally unsecure from a Force Protection standpoint as well, any Lunatic with a grudge can get at them.

    Dont You have anyone who will stand up for these Lads & say "ENOUGH"? They deserve the best treatment Your Country can give, not to be shunted off & Hidden.
  8. Mixed wards are an abomination. Imagine your mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends and daughters being made to exist together with male junkies and alcoholics.
    To disperse wounded Service personnel willy-nilly into civilian hospitals around the country is a national disgrace.
    Trouble is, over the last nine years this country has become a disgrace and I have a pretty good idea how this has come about. T BLIAR & Co.
    The thought of T Bliar being given the Knighthood of the Garter and 'Lady' Bliar parading about accepting freebies makes me want to vomit. Would North Vietnam or Southern Sudan be good places to escape too? Anyone know? Maybe Zimbabwe? By comparasion with Bliar, Mugabe doesn't sound too bad. Then there is the thought of Kim-Il Broon! Stand by for more cuts in the Armed Forces.
    What has Great Britain done to deserve this unreconstructed bunch of grinning spivs running the place?
  9. This is disgraceful, our mates and colleagues being treated in this way.

    I would like to say i am surprised, but i would be lieing if i said so. :(:(

  10. Erm... When the military hospitals were open, most servicemen and women were treated in mixed wards alongside members of the public... at least in the ones I worked in (five of them). I don't think any of the 'military' hospitals excluded civilians and- as far as I know- not many had single sex wards. They all certainly took NHS patients on the basis of need when on take, etc..
  11. The civvy junkies and alcoholics were generally no problem and grateful to be being looked after. It was the pissed up squaddie/matelot who'd lost a fight outside 'Ye Olde Kebab and Calculator', and wanted to start another with the ward staff to get his own back, who caused all the nausea. :D
  12. More of an issue is the pyschological effect.

    It is widely accepted that depressurisation amongst colleagues/your ilk helps the adjustment back into society helping reduce the pyschological trauma. For those not injured we have an improved process but for those injured they will not go through the process and find themselves coming around next to god knows who and with no way of being able to relate/unburden.

    The sooner Des gets off his fat arrse and starts sorting it out rather than the half arrsed statement that was quoted from the MoD in the article the better.
  13. There was a television programme shown some moths ago regarding soldiers being flown home and treated in civillian hospitals. Selly oak was featured in that. That the problem is still ongoing does not surprise me in the least.
    What angers me above all is that our service men and women are being treat in such a shoddy appalling way, considering how they have come to end up on the wards to begin with. They are in pain and quite often in shock, they need to be amongst medical staff and other patients who can emphasise with this, not some head banging loon or some little old lady who natters the very ears off him.
    If a soldier is brought in because of a saturday night drunken punch up, then fine. But our armed forces deserve better, much better.
    Its not just that they are placed on an open, mixed public ward with a doctor who is like God, you are told he exists but you never see him, but that they are placed in these wards where they are amogst patients and visitors who can become very hostile once they find out what his job is and where he's from.
    Its a bloody disgrace! :twisted:
  14. Most MDHUs have never had wards only for military patients with military staff. They have had a couple of wards managed by the military, but these have treated civilians too, and have also had civilian staff. After all, the whole point of closing the military hospitals was to expose military med staff to a full range of patients - they couldn't do this if they only looked after military patients.

    It's worth remembering that whilst RCDM is based at Selly Oak, patients are dispersed over several hospital sites.

    As mentioned by Neuroleptic, civilians were also treated in military hospitals; that is nothing new - they had mixed wards but bays were single-sex, as I recall.

    I wonder whether there have been any 'diversity- related' difficulties in Birmingham. I have personally seen a couple of incidents at another MDHU of military staff being berated (and spat at, on one occasion), just because they were military.

    My own experience of working in an MDHU was that many of the NHS staff made no allowance for the specific needs of military patients.