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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Cobway, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Is it not time we had a honest debate without the emotion.
    As we kick out guys who are fit through redundancy or the RECU
    Process - why are we keeping so many amputees etc. *I know this post is going to get slagged off.
    But I and many others are getting pissed off with some of these guys who cannot go to work, but get to do adventure trg and every other jolly.
    It's getting to be a two tier army, with a system that is not fair or even in the decision of who goes or stays. *Don,t get me wrong any injured guy should get a good pension and have help getting a job. *
  2. What fit guys are getting kicked out?
    How many amputees are staying in?
  3. Not only what about we get rid of the people that can't deploy, permanently downgraded, before we start to loof at others. Why is so difficult to actually get rid of someone. I have been trying to get rid of an individual for 5 months now and its still on going.
  4. People need to understand the system. Amputees are retained whilst they go through rehabilitation, this can take a long time, for instance my rehab may take 5 years taking me to my 24 year point. It's not simply a case of going to Headley Court strapping on a pair of legs and trotting on.

    Those who can't deploy and can't add value within a role should be binned, I'm sure we've all seen enough people who love being on the biff.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Also Dingerr we can safely assume that you arent blocking a promotion to your old post either. One would hope that you are effectively a supernumary (remember those) on strength for rations and pay but not filling a role!
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    When redundancy becomes a topic emotion will always be a factor.

    Having been made redundant during my working life and seen the in-fighting I know. I also have no problem with an honest government reducing the size of its forces if it has been done with a complete strategic analysis of the facts, not by one that increases the work load and then introduces cuts - the 80's and 90's come to mind now the forces of today will be hit.

    There is also the argument that one man’s useless flub working in the stores/mess/MT is another man’s saviour so defining useless is a difficulty on its own.

    My biggest beef - although it is off topic really - is that this government is taking the axe to the forces while dragging their feet on the number of MPs required in Parliament. With devolution and de-centralisation I figure of 400 would be more realistic than 650 or the purposed 600.
  7. Soldiers who are long term sick, stop a fit recruit joining and hold up promotion for their colleagues as there's no extra manning margin.

    Treatment is available on the NHS so no one should be doing five years rehab.

    I know this is a touchy subject, but it's about time we had the debate.

    Fit soldiers will be made redundant as the mod cannot just target long term sick.

    If anyone serving downgraded does not know about the RECU process look it up before you get an admin discharge with a pittance as a pension or resettlement lump sum.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm sorry but 5 years rehab is quick for NHS. I have been treated for injuries recieved since leaving and without a large team looking out for you (such as the AMS) you are forever waiting for physio, appointments with doctors, repeat prescriptions etc. All of which stop you working to the best you can give. In fact in civilian life they cant get rid of you if injured through work until you are permanently downgraded and all options have been exhausted.
  9. Cobway, your first post was poorly put and showed a lack of knowledge, between that and your second post you have received some information that should enlighten you.

    You have clearly picked the path of cuntishness to think we should just be binned to the care of the NHS. Maybe the NHS should take care of those in theatre as well.

    No one is missing promotion and no one is being made redundant because I am still serving.

    If it's the money you're worried about then take it off my credit, of the 60+ devices I dealt with many were large enough to destroy vehicles, so we'll call that about £20 million worth, don't worry about the human life saved that's clearly unimportant.
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Easy and straight answer. You can't make someone redundant whos on the sick.
  11. Just sums up what I said about having a honest and objective debate. *Hijacked by the self interest brigade.

    Let's stop messing about and say we cannot deploy anyone and let the downgraded and those who haves genuine op injury stay for ever. *I sorry if it offends but the army should symbolise fighting men and women ready to deploy not a care in the community organisation.
  12. I totally agree, those juicers who get "injured" on tour should man up and if they can't then there's a bus that runs from Brize to the train station in Oxford so they can get themselves home, they've got GPs and A&E what more do these cowards need.

  13. Christ on a stick, you really are a complete cock, have you actually read and retained anything that has been said before?? Said fighting men and women are the ones that are now the injured. Should the Forces just bin them because they aren't fit for duty due to injuries attained performing their duties??
  14. So you want an honest and objective debate, but only if it agrees with your view. You're one side of the debate I'm the other.

    Let's put aside that you are clearly trolling and possibly another arrser under a different username.

    At what point should injured soldiers be discharged from the Army?
  15. So the jist of Cobways dribblings is "You're injured? **** off".

    Cobway the army is a community, and communities look after those who need help. Especially if they need help due to serving that very community.