:: Injured Soldier Wins pay Review ::

Thank goodness that a decent Tory MP got a result for young L/Cpl Compton and that worm Derek Twigg has had to backtrack.

It's a F**king disgrace that young Martyn Compton had to get his case debated in the Commons. After spending 3 months in a coma & having the most awful injuries including 3rd degree burns to 70% of his body he was not entitled to the maximum payout & had to go legal & challenge it.

The sickest thing is that Gordon Brown presented him with the Britains Best 2008 Award for our Armed Forces a few weeks ago. Yet the treasury did not think think it could give him the best payout.

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All the injured guys would be better off not claimimng for terrible injuries but instead claim they hurt thier finger using a fax machine or toe on a drawer. Such claims usually get the MoD civvy staff huge payouts dwarfing anything payed by the compensation scheme.

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