Injured soldier sues MoD for £2.8m

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Drone_pilot, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. An injured soldier who was told to take off his uniform in hospital to avoid offending ethnic minorities is suing the Ministry of Defence for £2.8million.

    Corporal Scott Garthley suffered multiple injuries when he was blown up by a Scud missile in Northern Kuwait on the first day of the Iraq invasion in March 2003.

    He was discharged from hospital at the weekend after 20 operations on his stomach, shoulder, throat, knees, bladder, spine and bowel. He has had to pay for some of the operations himself.

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  2. If some cnut had told me to remove my uniform i would have strngled them with my last ounce of strength.

    I find the having to pay for his own operations a bit hard to believe.

    And i find 2.8million a bit steep based on what the article covers. I'm all for people being correctly compensated, but there are some greedy gits out there.
  3. Irrespective of the figure he wants, the fact that someone had the nerve to tell him to remove his uniform for that reason is disgusting!

    I just cant understand how some people have such a nerve as to say such a thing!
  4. Since when did Iraq try to invade Kuwait in 2003? But hell, whats twelve years here or there? :roll:
  5. It seems he opted for private treatment.

    And it also seems that he has lost his £100,000 p.a. job, so £2.8m possibly isn't so unreasonable, given that he would have 30-35 years ahead of him before retirement.
  6. Rant mode on

    I hope he gets it! I also hope that more Service personnel will start legally shafting the MOD and the Government so that they finally wake up to the fact that Servicemen and women are also British Citizens and as such, are entitled to their rights - I would venture to suggest even more so than some other factions of society. The welfare of those who serve and have served, especially those who are injured in the course of their duties should be of paramount importance. They are the people that defend these rights and all too often die in the process!
    It continually sickens me to read reports of Homeless ex-servicemen, appalling treatment of war damaged soldiers and the housing and pay conditions that soldiers are expected to accept.
    As for the 2,8 Million - yes thats justified - the guy has had 20 or so operations and is probably Fcuked for life..or if very lucky will bear only the scars. 2,8 mil for the rest of your life?? - Do the Maths and you`ll see that its not asking too much.
    The wearing of Uniform may offend the Ethnic minorities?? - If they don`t like it then they can all Fcuk off - Hopefully we will see the day in the not so distant future where it will not only offend them but will put the fear of God or Allah into them and send them Fcuking running for cover or scuttling back to the holes from which they emerged!

    Rant mode off
    I`ll get my coat.......