Injured soldier on BB?

Think i read somewhere they were looking at this idea, there is a heavily tattooed chap with two false legs sat in the "wannabee" group.
correct - he was injured in NI in an IED
He's second one in...
My money is on him already lol.....although the first one in said she is like her chickens....likes c*ck....oops did I say that out loud lol!!!

Go on Steve :D
Ive watched it for about 10 minutes, bill oddie l can deal with but the posh wannabe fuckwit whos just gone in has made me turn over. Im now watching adverts, more stimulating.
Just flicked over to see this mincing posh twat going in. I hope the ex-soldier rapes him for the whole summer.
The Beyonce wannabes worth a chloroform soaked rag.
I liked the first two series but that was it, load of crap since then and wasn't brill to start off with! Surely Steve should be getting the backing off Arsers to stay in, especially if he starts upsetting people :D

I've never ever voted but might just this time round!
My Son (14) wants the stumpy tw@t in the front row to go in.

Is that a Sarah Ferguson liik alike gwar there too?
The ex-squaddie (Royal Anglian- Poacher) is Stevie Gill. Lost his legs in 89. A cracking lad who i know well. I can't wait till some of those queer types start gobbing off.

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