Injured soldier gets keys to adapted home

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by pp0470, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. £156,000 is a bit steep. Mine are currently running at £15,000.
  2. I thoughts so, but it does sound like a complete internal rebuild.

    ****, I think you could spend £15k on a kitchen, or a posh wet room!

    Have you had access to the fund thingie that Private Rose has?
  3. First I heard of the Haig fund was when I read the report in a magazine. By then I'd already dismissed a few bungalows as too expensive and too much hassle to adapt myself.

    I managed to find a good builder, bought a house from plan and am having the adaptations implemented as it is built. I've had to compromise and it's a bit of a gamble if. I can live with it. I would have loved a bungalow, saw a few I liked, but felt it wasn't possible.
    I am more than a little peeved I didn't know about the Haig fund.

    They'll probably mug me off with the £15k adaptations cost as well, because I didn't follow a specific procedure I didn't know existed.
  4. **** that. I hope Private Rose has every whistle and bell that money can buy with his £156K - and, although I am guessing at your personal situation, think you should have exactly the same choice and support.

    Should you have been advised about the Haig fund, rather than reading about it after the event? Yes.

    Letter writing time and calling a few of the powers that be for a meeting without biscuits.

    Nothing you need, or want, should be down to charity or benevolence - you've earnt your right and should not have to compromise.
  5. Sorry if I sound a bit daft here, not knowing full story of adaptations or the Haig fund, but it could depend on who does it all. If you (Dingerr) got yours done privately with compensation / funds you had towards it, £15,000 could be a good sensible figure. However, with housing organisations (sure the MOD) don't escape this one, it has bene known for 3 building firms to be in on the act. One puts in an over inflated quote and the others put in mega high quotes. So the lowest wins. Next time around they switch positions on the quote factors.

    It might not be this, but I have seen extensions and apadtations happen like this before.