Injured soldier and med board. Advice please.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice. My husband received a spinal injury whilst on excercise abroad last June, he got a spinal fracture during a vehicle accident, the military vehicle he was travelling in, and the vehicle was not fit for use as it had no bolts on the seats and the front window was taped up with a plastic sheet over it. Anyway he was in hospital there for 3 days before coming home. Once home he was given a total of 6 weeks leave, in blocks of two weeks. For recovery, once he went back to work he was made to accompany his regiment on excercise and sleep on the floor outside with a fracture to his spine. Even though he has been downgraded They expected him to carry on with normal duties. Anyway he ended up having a spinal operation in march this year as the fracture was not healing. Which is not surprising really as he was still doing his normal job, he is in an infantry regiment. He is still suffering with his back, he was due to deploy to afghan in march but didn't go as he was due to have his back operation. He has now been told he will go up in front of the med board next month and even though he believes his infantry career is over, we are worried they will give him an admin discharge. What are the chances of a medical discharge.. I have been researching and due to his injury should he not have been put on the IRP procedure or transferred to a PRU. We're a bit confused by what the army should have done to support him more as we feel like he has just been left to it. MAny THanks
It depends on what medical employment standard (MES) and limitations he was awarded when he was downgraded (these should be on an appendix 9 to PAP 10 form). If there are limitations that would prevent him from doing any of the physical stuff he was doing, the question would be "why did he do them?"; was he forced to be his commanders or was a waiver raised by the RMO? If there were no limitations on his App 9 then was it because the RMO didn't forsee him being exposed to any potentially damaging situations or because he couldn't see these situations causing an issue (this would be based on the clinical info available at the time).PRU's will only administer those who have been given a non-effective grading, ie. those unable to work in any capacity or undergoing sustained in patient treatment (unsure if this would be the case with your hubby).Finally, the Medical Discharge decision would be made at APC Glasgow - even if the recommendation for med discharge is made by the board the final decision lies with Glasgow. It is based on factors such as the potential for recovery to full fitness, manning percentages and (if unfit for current role) oppotunities within other cap badges.I hope this has answered some of your q's, but i'd imagine its likely to have created a few more. The above info is based on current guidelines and not on your hubby's medical condition (which i haven't got a scooby about) so apologies if any of it seems calous.
My opinion is that this is an attempted WAH or a new Wife-of being lied to by cheating hubby.

Mil vehicle, seats not bolted to floor-pan and plastic bag where windscreen should be ????????
Sounds to me more like an after-ex RTA than an exercise accident.
Made up to spend more time in Canada after Endex rather than returning promptly.

And you are not sure if it will be a med discharge or an admin one. ??????

Spinal-op and then deployed soon afterwards on Ex is extremely unlikely unless said op was performed by Troop Cpl /Troop Sgt etc in an attempt to insert a spine.
If hubby gets an admin discharge, then op didn´t work.
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Corrie's on, but thanks for the offer.
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I wouldn't worry about it. I suggest that the OP, if it's not a wind up, uses the search function.

Myself, EScotia, Dingerr and others have put enough links and answers up to probably sort the whole of the Med Board system out, but as I keep saying - nobody listens to us - they all want their own individual answer.
hello,i wonderd if some one could give me some advice ?
basicly i was in wek 3 of basic para training and the dr has sent me home on an old medical condtion my finger has poor circulation from an op (not trigger finger )
the dr said i should be discharged but on my letter it says in need of medical downgrading ? as im in week 3 does any one no if this will indeed lead to a medical discharge
thanks in advance

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