Injured REME

Not really a great thing to ask, there are a lot of suspicious people on here when questions like this are asked.
How do you quantify injured? We lost a soldier in Afghanistan last month. Lost an ex technician (Int Corps tranferee) in Iraq about 18 months ago but apart from that I can't think of many others.
Not particularly a funny subject to make jokes about. A bit too close to home fella.
Quite a touchy subject really and many of us on here know colleagues who have been injured, out there and just about to go. I cant understand what your intentions are if you got the information and if you are in the system you would be able to get this from sources in the Corp.

So are you a journalist???????
journalist, lol. I have not been back at work in nearly a year and it is amasing how quick people can be left by the way side when it comes to information. I didnt mean a list, when someone is killed you hear what reg there from etc. and a number of how many injured but rarely what reg/corp. I was just looking for some sort of idea of how many REME lads had been injured recently. NO disrespect or foul play intented on previous post, i should of explain/written a little better
Out of order Pupgreen especially for someone who is mad about military history and its meaning.

Lastly, we are a Corps for Gods sake, you would think people in this game would know that!

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