injured on tour, cannot take part in cadre



does this sound right? i recieved an injury a year ago. ive recently had surgery on the injury which appears to have been very successful. Ive been told today im not on the next couple of cadres as im downgraded yet i can remember a number on my last course being.

my boss has told me there has been a recent change to the rules preventing this
My cadre was the same at least 5 downgraded semi disabled non deployable remfs so its a bit rich for the army to now turn round and say no downgraded pax on carders as they have been doing it for years.If you have been injured on ops and your reports are good and people no your not an oxygen thief you deserve a chance to do it just like all them oxygen thieves we have seen on carders over they years.

Use the world carrer foul that will get there attention


it was G that txt me there mate! as you know anything i cannot do on the cadre i have done for real!

im fuming mate! i can deploy on exercises and do everything else yet i cant take part in what is essentially an education course
My corps used to take 10% downgraded pax on J/SCLM the rules changed for us in Feb and now the Corps Instruction states that if a biff wants to attend the course they have to get a fit to attend cert signed by the RMO. They can still do the course but are no longer excempt any of the physical stuff.

I reckon you are best of getting yourself onto Dii and seeing what the rules are for your arm. Find it in black and white, then you will have either your answer or the necessary ammunition to fight your corner.


cheers mate! stuck at home atm so no dii! can anyone check the above for the royal artillery please?
From the RA Individual Training Policy:

Medical Standards. All NCOs, unless medically graded otherwise, are expected to be
capable of deploying on operations, where they may be required to command soldiers in a contact.
BCCS training is designed to meet this operational requirement and initial training is incorporated
into PNCO and JNCO CLM Part 1 courses as critical training objectives. Its completion in full is
mandatory to successfully complete CLM Part 1 and thereby qualify for substantive promotion.

a. Soldiers attending the PNCO courses and Part 1 JNCO courses will be assessed in
their ability to lead BCCS, which is considered a critical element of a NCO’s operational role.
This training is physically demanding and those identified as Medically Limited Deployable or
Medically Non Deployable are to be assessed as “fit to attend” by a Medical Officer (MO)
against the following training requirement: “To participate in BCCS training, for not less than
two days
*”. SNCO and WO CLM Part 1 do not impose incorporate BCCS training and does
not therefore require a medical assessment.

b. Where the individual is assessed as incapable of meeting the BCCS training in full,
the soldier is to be deemed unfit to commence CLM training and is not to attend the course.

*Refer to CLM Policy Handbook Chapter 1, Para 5.

My bold. You can find the full doc on Armynet.

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