injured on tour advice needed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fusilier50, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. i received upper spinal injuries on two separate occasions whilst on tour during Telic 8. i am now experiencing a lot of back pain and would like to know if i can get financial assistance for physiotherapy sessions i now require. if i rely on the NHS i will have a long wait

    my post operational leave comes to an end in february and my civi employer would like me to start back at work but if my injury persists this doesnt seem likely.

    does anyone know what my options are and what i can do about it?my PSI doesnt have a clue

    your advice would be appreciated
  2. Try here

    they may be able to help.

    Has your unit got a RRRWO (Regt Recruiting Retention Welfare Officer)? If so take your query to him / her and also look at involving Army Welfare.
  3. The system can keep you in until they have "repaired" you if it suits both parties. I suggest that you give Chilwell a ring as they are pretty switched on about these things.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    SSI posted deleted due to it being twaddle

    You are on POTL so are on the held strength of Chilwell. At GIAT says, give them a call - you chould have enough contact numbers for them ;)

  5. thanks fellas i'm on to it
    appreciate your help
  6. it all turned out to be very straightforward. i contacted chillwell and they arranged for me to have a medical now my mobilisation has been extended until i am fit to work again and i am to have regular physio until that happens.

    amazing to find a system that actually works :thumleft:
  7. I was injured by a roadside bomb on Telic 3, have now got H6 hearing in my left ear and continuos pain. I have claimed from Trinity insurance, but 3 years on i am still waiting for an outcome. Is there anything i can do to speed things up. I have wrote numerous letters etc.

  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    If you want to pm me, I could possibly advise you on this one. If you have the details of the policy to hand it would certainly help.

    Duke (personal accident insurance bloke in real life)
  9. i injured my knee and ankle on Telic 8.

    When i demobbed i saw the doctor who put me on a med hold. As i live close to chilwell i saw the physio there for 8 weeks, 3 times a week.

    When you do demob make sure you see the cell that is responsible for injured bods and fill in the forms to put a claim in. It will cover you in case of injury in the future.

    The system does work. I was impressed.
  10. If you were injured on tour, you might be entitled to claim under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

    You need to talk to the Veterans Agency or your unit RAO, who can guide you.

    Details are in the leaflet attached.

    Hope this helps

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  11. how do i contact the veterans agency
  12. Contact the Royal British Legion on 020 7973 7215 for advice. :thumright:

  13. what a crock of shit this "one army" concept has turned out to be. i was referred to my nearest regular army unit with a physio dept who refused to deal with me as i am TA and not regular. I'm fcuking furious..

    the bast ards who blew us up didnt check to see which we were when they detonated the roadside bomb in which i was injured initially

    "one army" can stuff it up your arsse :shakefist:

  14. Check your PMs Fusilier50
  15. MSR, I respectfully suggest that you make this thread sticky.

    *Looks on, aghast*

    I didn't mean that way!