Injured on exercise pay .... Help !

Back on 14th july I injured myself on a TA exercise and was off work for seven weeks . As an agency employed driver I am not entitled to sick pay but applied for and reeived incapacity benefit of £63 ish a week .
The army pays me £50 something pounds a day but i have only had 21 days sick pay , amounting to £845 total after tax etc.Should I be reeiving seven days a week pay , or five . My PSAO is as uninterested as ever and told me to wait and see " if anything else turns up " . Nat west have a hit man looking for me .
you should get one days pay for every day you are off sick (including weekends) I did when I shattered my ankle on duty
What were the circumstrances of the injury?
As far as I am aware you become the Army's responsibility if you are injured while training. In years gone by I have known people break limbs and been paid for weeks until they can return to work. I dont know what the official policy is but it sounds to me like your AO is not throwing straight dice.
This is a soldier welfare issue and should be addressed up the chain of command, pc then OC.
Ankle injury . Carrying filled sand bags down steep shale slope . Ground gave way , funny popping noise from left ankle . Turned out to be torn achilles tendon . Witnessed by commissioned officer and treated at Dering lines med centre .Does all outsanding money come in one lump (once approved and processed by Glasgow) , or in dribs and drabs , thus justifying my PSAO's suggestion to " wait and see " ?
You should have completed a MOD Form 298 which is then completed by the Doctor who treated you and then the CO/PSAO. The form is then sent to Bde for onward transmission to APC Glasgow. Once your claim has been assessed and disability allowance started you are responsible for sending a certified sick note from your Doctor. You will continue to get paid up to 6 months from the injury and then you will be assessed by a military medical board. If you have been submitting your sick note regularly you will get paid as soon as Glasgow recieve it. Hope that helps.
I've had a similar problem - have had conflicting messages as to whether the cost of treatment for injuries sustained on exercise should be covered if we're TA rather than Regular. I know the regs get it paid for, but have been told by my OC that TA folk aren't covered. Any suggestions on where to go for help with cost of treatment? Not exactly rolling in it and ultrasounds and physios are hurting my bank account.
If a regular was injured he would be treated by the army medical system and the NHS. There is no private treatment for regulars. Can I suggest that you get referred to physiotherapy by your Doctor.

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Also look at wether you can make a claim through the AFCS Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. This pays compensation for injury. I presume for TA as well.
When I shattered my ankle I had other injuries too that required lots of physio my leg was in plaster for 11 weeks and the physio on the ankle and the rest of it took another 4 months and the job I was doing was physicaly impossible in the condition i was in, everytime I was given a sick note i sent a copy to my boss so he knew i wasn't sciving(i was on a casual contract at the time so had no entitlement to sick pay he just wanted to know how long i would be off) and the origional got given to the civi clark at the TAC even though they were paying me for longer than 6 months it was decided by the consultant that i didnt need to go to a med board unless i wanted to claim a war pension from the army my PSAO and the civi clak did all the paperwork i just signed and sent back the paperwork they wanted
Further to above , I was off for forthy nine days , of which I have received pay for twenty one . So in theory , I have another twenty eight to come . See if it arrives on pay day next week . Nat West will be pleased. Watch this space , I may come back for further advice if nothing arrives . Thanks for your help , much appreciated .

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