Injured on duty??

I dont see the answer to this on the forum but perhaps ive missed it. Trying to find out some information for a collegue.

If injured on duty (while under training) and you required treatment ie physio (recommended by GP) can you claim the cost back through the TA?? It's always nice to have an idea before you risk the wrath of "those upstairs" :? :wink:

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is your collegue based in province? i take it everything was reported up the chain first, logged in the accident book and initial assessments/ treatment was given by military personnel and/or the mil med wing of a local base with extra civ treatment authorised by your unit. if so then there shouldn't be a problem, if not then thats when the arguments start.
in NI yes just a different unit from myself....they filled in the accident forms and saw an MO but he was completely non-interested and no treatment was offered or suggested...civi GP strongly suggested physio to speed up recovery.
get him up to see the MO and physio team at PALACE, go through your unit for appointments. much cheaper and very onside for TA.
Physio can be obtained through the system and is an excellent benefit both at Palace and Rehab at Aldergrove.
However turning up with receipts to Uncle Dereks door will result in a sharp Fcuk Off.

The MO sounds a bit jack, speak to big Ronnie at Queens he should be able to answer any questions specific to yourself.
Surly all physiotherapy is covered free by the NHS. I had a serious car crash whilst traveling to my TA center a few months ago and spent a lot of time in my local NHS hospital with regular visits from the Army’s liaison medical officer. I was deemed on duty as was en-route therefore the MOD takes responsibility. But all medical requirements are being carried out by my local hospital including physiotherapy.
Can just imagine the faces on the staff at the Royal when you go in and declare you're a member of the British Army looking for treatment.
You would definitely get physio, but it would be for the kneecapping you've just received from the local Communitiy Restorative Justice representatives.
Remembered there is a doc in Musgrave Sports Injuries Clinic that fixed me on several occasions. If you can blag it get your civi GP to refer you.
Yep point taken probably not a good idea in NI. Surly you can still use the NHS for treatment even as TA you must have a civilian GP?. A few years ago when I was in the regulars a friend in the same Regt used Portadown NHS Hospital’s hyperbaric chamber after a diving accident on referral from Musgrave Park and that was 10 years ago.
or not tell them in the royal or ulster that ur reg or TA....why would they need to know???

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