With eight months to do left of a S Type engagement I injured my back at work I was signed of work for four months before my discharge. Now I am in civvey street unable to work awaiting an operation. I was refused the Y list. what happened to that caring Army

I can truly sympathise Mate. I was injured on a damn exercise and in five years this lovely Army has failed to diagnose the correct injury. But I have a Civvy Doc on the case. The bottom line is, dare I say it that we are all numbers. The powers that be , in reality dont care one bit.

I detest those people who say downgraded Soldiers are a waste of space..and rations etc...... I laugh when I see them some years later and they are injured, beyond a full recovery facing a medical I laugh.....

You are not alone......
I must say this has me somewhat worried about myself as I stand on the last few steps before entering this service. Sorry to hear about your situation and can only hope the best for you.

Cheers 2CB
In order to allow other people not to have to suffer in future, I would suggest that, if you are fit and healthy and you can afford it, you get BUPA cover. We were told at RMAS that it's worth getting as it is cheap and you get treated quickly, rather than having to rely upon the shite NHS as the short sighted government has close a vast majority of the military hospitals down. Very sensible. I hate politicians. :twisted:

Rant over, now smoking a pipe and putting on my smoking jacket! 8)

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