injured during op telic, treated badly by mod

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by colin6585, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. i was crushed by a drops vehicle during op telic back in march 2003, when a driver took it upon himself to reverse without being guided and crushed my my left foot and ankle and removed a large chunk of my shin. 15 months later i still can't walk and am looking at the prospect of below the knee amputation. it looks as if i am going to be discharged in the near future but i have been disgusted by the way i have been treated by the mod. i was given no help or guidance, my nok where never informed of my injuries and only found out after i asked a nurse to contact the police to get in contact with them. for months i have battled with the mod about there care of duty to me and have received letters saying i was missed off the system and thats why i didn't get the help. i could go on for ages about the problems i have faced but for now i am trying to find out if there are others out there who have been treated badly by the mod and have felt let down. i would like to hear from you as i am trying to get evidence that alot of good soldiers are just dumped by the mod and to them we are just a number. how have you been treated whilst on the y list? i would like to hear if people have been happy with the help provided or not
  2. As is often said on ebay... buyer beware
  3. I can sell you a tabloid :roll:
  4. Sorry to hear your story- I hope you make a full recovery.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Why are you being discharged? There are a number of serving soldiers and officers with lower leg amputations. Is this your choice or the medical systems? Why were your NOK not informed - have you had this investigated? People are not 'left off the system', with injuries like yours you would no doubt have been listed and aeromedded out of theatre, I find it hard to believe that your unit did not tell anyone that you had been injured. Did you not have access to a welfare phone? What particular aspect of your current treatment by the MOD concerns you? I don't think that the MOD will have any difficulty with duty of care arguments on a deployment so perhaps you could elaborate so others comment.
  6. I smell Shyte with capital POOH
  7. No offence, and apologies if what you are saying is true...but I find it highly unlikely you were treated like that.

    Methinks someone is tekkin the piss!
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  9. to all the above people who question my story. why would i lie about the way i have been treated? to answer some of your questions yes i was areomed out of theatre to birmingham, but the signal that was sent to the alexander ward had my name and injury wrong(this maybe why my nok weren't informed) i have asked the mod to investigate this but to this day i have had no reply. as far as my unit and regt are concerned i have only had contact once when my oc rang to tell me i was selected for promotion. when my ex wife rang them they did know i had been injured. with the discharge this is the medical choice not mine. i know there are people in with amputations but i also know the army are getting rid of some of them aswell (i know these people as they have helped me). if some people think i am making this up they are sad at the end of the day i used to hear stories and think no that would never happen the mod wouldn't be like that, but i now know it does happen and know i am not the only one a fact the mod told me themselves. i am only trying to let people know that these things can and do happen and if i can help in a way to make sure people are aware it happens.
  10. I happen to know Colin and you idiots dare challenge his story. Mr PartTimePongo, in particular should be ashamed, are you supposed to be a moderator? I take it none of you actually are or have been in the army because you seem to have blinkered and ignorant opinions.

    Colin, came here looking for people who may be able to offer advice or even help, and you idiots just mocked him. Very considerate, put yourselves in his situation (yes it is true) he was a keen and active soldier who enjoyed taking part in almost all sporting activities but now he can't walk!! How do you think that feels? Colin and his family have been badly treated and not offered any support whatsoever.

    Colin came looking to his fellow colleagues for help and who did he get?. I think you should reflect on your comments made and imagine this happening to you.
    Not nice a thought..... I think he deserves an apology.
  11. Another

    From a serving soldier forgive our scepticism, but Colin's story is so full of failings that it beggars belief. If true I don't believe I've ever seen a situation of comparable multiple failure. If the military can do one thing right, it is care for our sick and injured. Our NOTICAS system is normally flawless. If Colin has been injured as described and left to rot without the support of the military system then he is entitled to shout it loud from the rooftops and have those who failed, savaged.

    May I however, ask some questions? Has Colin spoken or written to his CO, or former CO if he is now on the Y list?

    COs are honourable men, I do not believe that there is a CO in the British Army that is not going to look out for one of his soldiers in a situation like this? Imagine what will happen to him if it is found out that he has stood idly by whilst this horror story has unfolded.
  12. Try writing to the Tabloids................UMM maybe not!

    As is often said U cannot ignore a letter. Write to your local MP. Write to the medical services. Especially your CO/OCs even your previous CO/OCs .Write too any one U think will listen.

    I also agree with The Neanderthal, COs are looking for the next step on the ladder the same as the rest of us. if the powers that govern his/her career learn he/she has ignored a soldier like collins, with colins problems then Bye Bye next PIP.

    I guess somtimes people slip thru the net, and that is a tragedy. May the powers that be roast in hell for that one :twisted:

    But if you r lieing..........................May u suffer from "Colins Problems" forever more.
  13. I'm a mere civvy and often told I am too trusting - but I too have real trouble accepting this story is true...sorry :oops:
    I suggest you pick up your phone and ring your boss.
    Tell him clearly all you have told us and insist on an urgent meeting within 7 days.
    Do not put the phone down until you have an appointment.
    Ring the Confidential Support line and they WILL advise you.
    The CSL is a free service, operated by SSAFA, on the Army's behalf.
    It offers totally confidential, non judgemental, guidance to the Army community, from anywhere in the World.
    Let us know what happens mate.
  14. Another

    "None of us appear to be in the Army because we are blinkered and ignorant"


    Just about everyone on this thread who replied is serving Army or Army Reserve

    We are sceptical, because there are elements in "Colin" 's story, that smell like a journalist looking for a bite.

    Sometimes, Journalists will pose as other individuals and post in open forum, sometimes they will send a personal message , hoping to get the same result.

    Arrse is visited by a lot of Journalists, some will visit, to see how we have reacted to stories posted in their publications, some just like to soak up the atmosphere , and there is a 3rd group, looking to use as "a military source"

    Or of course, an Ambulance chaser.

    "Colin" was hospitalised after a serious accident . Then he is informed that his NOK were not informed because he had "Dropped off the system"


    Chimera , as does Neanderthal sum up very well, why the rest of us are suspicious.

    If "Colin" is the original injured party, then he knows to take this through the Chain of Command.

    If this is a genuine case, I stress if, then all we can offer on this open forum , is tut-tut noises and "Hope it goes well mate"

    I think any other comment or advice offered in open forum, will lead to problems. ESPECIALLY naming or supplying the names of Soldiers who may have an axe to grind about the way they feel they have been treated following injury

    "Colin" I expect someone way more qualified than me, may ping you privately to sound you out.

    At that point "Another" an apology and sincere noises will be in order.

    However, Arrse is not the place, to drum up support for a possible legal action against MOD


  15. Fair one, just in off the pop, but sober enough to react with disgust to this thread. I'm trying to find out via my mucker grapevine whether or not such an accident happened...however

    I for one believe the bloke. PtP, have you ever been deployed, or does the extent of your experience encompass just the occasional w/end or camp? Your 'advice' is vague and entirely unhelpful, which leads me to suspect the latter. Either way, be aware that the system is quite capable of a f*ck up (as I discovered belatedly after one of our blokes chose to top himself), and stand clear of judgement until you know the facts for sure.

    Manchester Cop. Confused, as are many others, by your identity. Civpop rozzer or RMP; I think we ought to be told. If indeed you are one of our much appreciated monkey brethren then well done for an entirely crass series of comments which belie your supposed status as a commissioned Occifer.

    [/quote]I guess somtimes people slip thru the net, and that is a tragedy. May the powers that be roast in hell for that one