Injured at ITC (c) Advice needed please.......

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by olli3012, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I'm seeking a little advise because 2 months 1 week ago i fractured both my tibia & fibula during a game of organised football at ITC Catterick. I went straight to hospital and spent 2 months on USL. I have now returned into Williams company (sick bay) for rehab but have been told because of the length of time my injury will take to heal i will be medically discharged. I am not happy about this but nothing more i can do and i fully understand why they have to let me go. But i need some advise on when im discharged i will still need time off to recover (no job no money) i'm not trying to 'scam' the army but im sure i should be entitled to some form of compensation. Any tips or advise on what to say would be of much assistance.

    Many thanks
  2. Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.


    Google, it's your friend.
  3. That's shit mate, I feel bad for you.. That's my biggest worry when I go to basic :-(
  4. Theres no need to worry, injury happens. Nothing you can do about it. Just go with an open mind and you'll absolutly love it! Amazing mate. Cheers for your reply bluntslane
  5. Ask about PAP 10 its the new scheme to get soldiers that have been injured other employment in the army, that is less demanding then the job they are in so you could go to the AGC or somewhere else ask the doc or someone in Williams Coy about it or go see the Div Capt of the Div you where in he will know about the process too.
  6. Well thts certainly of interest.

    Thank you.
  7. I don't thin re-trading will be much use in your case I'm afraid. If you're being discharged because of the amount of time you'll be out of training to get your self fixed, then you'll still need the same amount of time no matter what Corps you were in. Though it can't hurt to ask.

    They must have tignted up on the rules on how long they'll keep people in Williams Coy now. When I was at Catterick I went in to Williams Coy for about 3 months for a stress fracture and there were people who'd been there for 6 months when I turned up and were still there when I passed out 3 months after leaving Williams Coy
  8. PAP 10 is best its the army's way of finding you alternate employment or if discharged, because you were working when you got injured then it will entitle you to a full medical pension and full resettlement.
  9. Pap 10 is for serving soldiers, I doubt it will apply to recruits (unless someone has seen it in there). Bluntslane has the answer, Armed Forces acompensation Scheme is the way forward, that is what it is set up for. However make sure your injury went into the accident book.
  10. PAP 10 applies to all serving soildiers including recruits.
    Edited to add it said that in the doc somewhere i read the full thing as i have 3 blokes who were wounded on H10 who we are going into the PAP 10 procedure its how the army will manage all injurys from now on.
  11. Good to know but if they cannot get through phase1 they are not going to be offered employment, just rehabilitated and discharged.
  12. depends on where in ITC he got injured, if it was after week 10 he has passed corps phase 1
  13. Also ask for full disclosure of your medical records and ensure they are compete and up to date. (Challenge any thing thats wrong).

    Ensure you keep a copy of it some where safe.

    Also take a photo copy of the accident book/accident form and A&E attendance etc.

    It is surpising the number of times that vital pieces of medical evidence goes missing when you are presenting a case to the War Pensions or other boards concerning injuries substained in service, be it in recruit training or on deployment etc.

    Have a look at the OLD & BOLD section to see the problems.

    The Royal British Legion can also assist, ask for the Welfare Officer of your home town or where you intent to settle to visit you or contact The Royal British Legion HQ.

    You are not required to be a member of the Legion but the Legion has since 1921 been assisting squaddies.

    Good luck.
  14. Well there's certainly a few things i need to consider here and it seems evidence is key my only response to the time-scales of recover in Williams coy is most likely down to how many applicants/recruits there are currently. I appreciate all responses! Thank you.
    I was injured in phase 1, unfortunately.