Injections given in 1st week of basic training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, May 10, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Without wanting to go into too much information why I left the army after only a few weeks- Can I ask does anybody know what injections are given in the 1st week of basic training. It would be useful to know that as I am off away soon and want to know whether I already have what I might need.

    I was given injections in the 1st week of basic training (this was 2008) at the same time as a dentist checkup- it was either two or three injections as far as I can remember.

    Can somebody with good knowledge of what will have been given to me post a reply to this post if they can please.

    Thanks very much..

  2. it depends on what you already had before joining up. Your civi GP should have records of what you were given.
    however as a rough guide it could have been any combination of the following

    Hep A, possibly combined with
    Hep B
    Diptheria Tetanus and polio (combined)
    Yellow Fever
    and maybe a heaf test
  3. They give you an anti-HIV jab now they've let gayers join the Army.
  4. If you had Hep A you'll need a booster. Typhoid you'll need a booster. Hep b if you only had one you may as well start the course again.
    You can get a combined hep a and b but depends what your GP has.
    If you'd had all tetanus up to leaving school you'll not need another but they can be given if a medic advises.
    I can't recall how long the polio lasts off the top of my head but it comes with low dose diptheria now.
  5. Ignore all the above if you are going to Clacton. Book an appt. With your practice nurse but don't leave it too late or you'll not have time to give you adequate protection.
  6. Dip tet and polio are now a combined 10 yearly jab

    edited to add

    when you got hoofed out you'll have completed an Fmed 133, you'll have signed that to say if your Civi GP can have access to the military medical records about you. If you said 'yes' then your civi GP can apply to have the relevant info. It will also have a copy of all your vaccinations on it. You should have handed this form into your civi GP.
  7. snigger your arm is going to be sore