Injections and PT

Right I need some top notch advice from an RADC type - failing that, a medic will do - it's all much of a muchness.

I went to the dentist this morning, and had to have a filling replaced. Cue one remarkably painless jab (from a very good SDO) and the job was done inside 10 minutes.

'Good drills' thought I, and made ready to head to the gym, trying not to drool too conspicuously from my now enfeebled and be-numbed mouth. After a good 40 minutes or so have elapsed, I feel a tap on my shoulder whilst I'm getting some (virtual) miles in on the bike, to find the Dental Hygienist fromt hat morning session giving me evils and a telling-off for doing phys within 24 hours of a jab!

Well - was she right, or was she just being a mad hormonal nightmare?
Well DD, rules is rules and they say that you shouldn't. However, they are very broad-brushed rules and the fact remains that a simple local anaesthetic given in such small doses is only really likely to cause a problem immediately after administration. Even then it will only be a vaso-vagal syncope (simple faint). Unless, of course, you are allergic to it. Your Dental Hygenist was no doubt trying to be helpful, but I often find that a reply of 'f*ck off and mind your own business' does the trick! Quite frankly, good advice is good advice but what you do with it is up to you, I certainly wouldn't be poking any of my guys in the chest if I found them in the gym after a jab contrary to advice.
So, to answer your questions, was she right? - sadly, yes. Was she being a hormonal nightmare? - sadly, yes again.
On a positive note, well done to the Dental Hygenist in question for at least knowing where the Gym was! (Unless she was just shagging a PTI).
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