Initiative training exercises

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ladette_to_lady, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Evening all,

    Im trying to organise one of the above for the guys in my troop in the summer. Ive tried calling the leadership wing at the school but no joy as yet.
    Was just wondering if anyone has done the leadership course or some kind of initiative trg ex?
    I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for tasks for the lads and lasses to carry out, things like: getting celeb autographs, get on the radio, stay in a 5 star hotel etc.
    I did one at AAC but cant remember for the life of me all the tasks we had to carry out.
  2. I have a tip for you.

    Why don't you use your initiative instead of copying someone elses work!!!
  3. fair one, fell into that one didnt i???
  4. It would even better for all of society if your guys and girls each had to kill a celebrity. We could all vote on a top ten, then your mob can gain points depending upon how high up the candidate scores on the scale of cuntishness. So, for example, people like Piers Morgan, Kerry Katona and Jodie Marsh would gain topmarks. Reality show stars would be good for points in the bank. Annoying people in adverts like Howard from the Halifax adverts would also be good.

    Hey what's not to like about that plan?!!!
  5. ha ha sounds good, where do we start??
  6. Dont they always use the same one anyway? One thats been done by other people?
  7. Did the Leadership Course many years ago (think about 91) and we got dumped in the middle of nowhere one weekend with a camera, id card, letter of reference, sleeping bag a list of tasks (with various alocated points) and the clothes we stood up in. Some example of what was on the list:

    Sing with a pop group
    Kiss a lady with a blue rinse perm
    Stay at a 5* hotel for free (yes you've got this one!)
    Fly on an airline for free
    Appear on stage at a theatre
    Get a photo with a page 3 girl
    Ring the bells of a cathedral
    Take a ride on a steam train etc etc

    Only ones that come to mind I'm afraid but we did pretty well I remember. York and Harrogate were real fun....ate for free, free hotels and even persuaded a few bars to give us free beer! Good weekend ;-)

    Hope it goes okay.
  8. Hey I've got a colour photocopier in work and access to the unit date stamp. I reckon with a bit of clever forgery I could have my weekend squared away. :twisted:
  9. Thanks to all above,

    When i did one in 97 we went to london, stayed in a 5 star hotel for free, met kylie minogue, had an indian take away, made over 10 quid busking in covent garden, got very drunk and managed to get loads of freebies from loads of stores including harrods!