Initiative tests

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by walt_of_the_walts, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Anyone got any ideas for initiative tests for cadets?

    I am looking for simple tasks for groups that can be done indoors not involving too much heavy or hard to find equipment.

    Simple tasks that can be done in groups or syndicates.

    A mixture of practical or theoretical problems that can be solved in a team basis (or the team/syndicate can propose possible solutions)

    Perhaps one team does theory, the other team does the practical task. Swap roles for the next task

    Ideally 15-30 minutes duration.

    Any Ideas gratefully received
  2. Find a tube drill a lot of holes in it place a tennis ball inside, they have to get the ball out without moving the tube
  3. Sorry, can you explain that some more?
  4. Perhaps you should ask for suggestions via PM, that way none of the little tykes will have an inside track on how it's done.
  5. Well if they did, it would show some initiative. They've shown precious little so far

    Anyway they are ATC, mostly 14, mostly girls, mostly from the better schools. What on earth would they be doing on this site? (actually don't answer that! I don't want my PC taken away by Operation Ore!)
  6. Ok the solution is to all cover up the holes whilst one fills it up with water, you can also provide string as a distraction, I used it with a group of ACF recruits and it took them about 20mins, any bit of drainpipe will suffice for the tube and I used a drill with a 5mm head for the holes
  7. Nice one. It'll mean flooding the drill hall, but who cares. They'll have to clean it up afterwards! Bwahahaha!

    Thanks for the idea.
  8. Oxo cube (in lots of little bits, wrapped in silver paper), they then get the chance to become M.Ps
  9. They did. And the mop bucket they used had a hole in it, despite me telliing them not to use that one, they still did. Took 'em ages. When they had nearly finished, someone accidentally kicked over the bucket! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (strokes white cat on lap)