Initiation Rights

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RustyH, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Hi just wondering what kind of initaition rights or tests people had to go to when they joined their first Officers Mess?
  2. I was given a broom handle and a jar of vaseline and told to sweep the floor without using my hands. Its only the first inch that hurts so if youre given the same, dont panic.
  3. do you mean initiation rites ? :lol:

    isnt this the kind of subject the press is always trying to dig up on our armed forces? not gonna do anyone any favours is it just gives them more shit to use in rags like the scum
  4. surely in the current political climate this isn't be a long running thread....Journo would love to see these details wouldn't he????
  5. Yes i did mean rites, and i pray the broom handle ones a joke 8O
  6. at least they gave you vaseline. lmao
  7. Sorry missed the comments about journalists, and i agree sorry this wasn't the purpose of the topic rather a genuine interest
  8. I was shot through both ankles with a crossbow when I first joined up. As an afterthought I was male raped by a troop of training staff, then.....................................

    Send me £30,000 in used twenties and you get the next thrilling installment.

    You cnut.
  9. and that was only whilst waiting to get his kit issued