initiation ceremonies! bring em back!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by copey, May 14, 2004.

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  1. on arrival at my first unit the "sprogs" were marched into the bar and forced onto a stool to down a pint of "top shelf" spirits whilst only standing on one leg (whilst everyone else was tying to kick the stool over, after this it was a pint of beer followed by a pint of lemonade. once you had vomited you were forced out of the attic window and were only permitted in from the other window (which meant a trip over the ridge tiles) dangerous but such good fun! did anyone else have to do anything similar to this? and which bunch of do-gooders put a stop to this "fun"?
  2. Are you sure your not getting folklore mixed up with fact? things like that were going on admittadely..but not all "sprogs" had it forced into them it was only the gullable ones who were in fear of their lives..
    also wonder how you got past 3 years with all your "escapades" with seizing genes, initiating ceremonies my experience in the heady days of 70's and 80's we seemed to be a bit more robust...but....
  3. Is getting the shiit kicked out of you too boring? :?
  4. The initiation ceremony at my first working unit was fairly standard.

    Nobody talked to you for three months.