Initial uniform allowance, Cat B commission

Subject says it all really, anyone know if, as one holding a Cat B commission, I am entitled to claim the TA officers initial uniform allowance?

I've spoken to my pay clerk but he didn't have a scooby. He's looking into it but god knows how long that'll take, would be useful if I could cite precedent.

Of course even if I am entitled to it I'm not holding out much hope, still trying to convince Glasgow to pay me the 6 months of pay now outstanding..... :roll:
are you Cat B OTC, awaiting posting to a Cat A, or ACF?
Yeah, as TA (B) you're entitled to the Uniform Allowance - cant remember how much, a couple of hundred quid anyway. There's just a form to be filled in and sent to Glasgow (i think it's there anyway) and then it'll arrive in your pay.

If you're on 2 years probation as 2Lt then you'll probably have to wait until thats over (have heard of this being the case for a few people) but as Woopert said, probably depends on whether you're going to become Cat A or are CCF/ACF
Speak to your PAMPAS, but chances are as you won't ever get SD in OTC pattern and everything else you need is (technically) issue so it will be hard fought. If you are Gp B with RCB pass then you will probably have less than a year to go before you either have to take up your place at RMAS or are expected transfer to Gp A so you may not get it on that basis.
Yes you are. It was just short of £400 when I got mine in '99. You don't have to wait until your Commission is confirmed, you're entitled to it as soon as Commissioned.
Yes. You are entitled to a free set of first issues and an allowance for uniform you're not issued (to which you are referring). It's actually called the 'Officer's Outfit Allowance' - can't remember which AF you use to claim it, but can find out for tomorrow.

If you've been previously commissioned and have already had an allowance in the past you may not be allowed another one. If you serve for less than three years you may have to reimburse some of the allowance.
Just to wrap this one up: Have finally got a response from my long suffering pay clerk. Gp B Offrs (even initally commissioned into a UOTC) are entitled to the the full TA uniform allowance (£378) providing they aren't issued any No 2 uniform items. Thanks for all the comments, my form's going in tomorrow. Now if I can just convince my storeman to order those bloody shoes......
socks really? cap badge for SD hat and no 1 hat, but not sure about badges, got them from the tailor. I doubt there are any @@otc ones in officer size anyhow, you'll have to go and see @@@@ and cut some off the cadets No 2s, he had loads last time I was in.

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