Initial Officer Recruitment Interview

Hello everyone

I handed in my officer application last week and got a phonecall this morning to arrange my initial interview for the 9th February!

I am just looking for some pointers really from anyone who has done this. What does it involve? How should I prepare? How formal will it be?

Thank you all in advance

Hey Bex,

You will be asked about your qualifications, why you want to join and what regiments you are interested in. They will also ask some basic questions to filter out unsuitable applicants like "Do you have any criminal convictions?" Then they will help set you up with some fam visits and will start your application process with Westbury and send off for a briefing date for you. They will explain the application process to you as well and answer any of your questions.

It is good to treat it like a job interview, aim to make a good impression.
To add onto what JC said, this isn't a test or anything, just go in with a positive attitude and don't trip over as you enter the room, like someone I know did.
Its the small stuff that trips people up, so I will add, though it may be obvious. Shave, be at least 10 minutes early, wear a suit and tie and if you were asked to bring anything (passport, certificates) remember to bring them. This is a minimum routine you will be repeating for your board, briefing and all fam visits.

You would be surprised how many people get this stuff wrong and end up at 3am before their briefing in some hotel in Wiltshire ingeniously applying large amounts of black boot polish to a brown belt!

(p.s bloody well worked by the way, but decided not to admit it to the staff sergeant when he asked how good I was at problem solving)
Thanks Sentinel. Being female however I am somewhat worried about the making sure you shave part. Didn't realise this would be a requirement...
Haha should have read the profile name closer, in that case just make sure you do something smart with your hair, you want to give off some indication of good grooming which is easier for a guy since he can just shave.

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