Initial Officer Facetime Interview- Prior to Medical

Hello, I'm currently in the application process to get into Sandhurst and have my initial officer interview later today- via facetime due to Covid. My friends who have been through Sandhurst did not have this stage prior to Covid, and I was wondering if anyone here had been through this stage, and what to expect. Is it just an initial face to face or is it more serious? The interview is with the officer recruiter at Capita, prior to my medical. I hope you can help. Thanks.
I had my Facetime interview in September and it was fairly laid back. They asked the standard questions you would expect at a job interview such as your personal qualities and why you would like to join the army particularly as an officer. Have a look at the video 'ARMY OFFICER interview questions' by CareerVidz on youtube, it pretty much covered most the questions from what I remember.

Honestly I would not worry about it, but I would still prepare for it as you do not want to give them a bad impression of yourself.


I had this prior to covid. Very laid back and simple questions, don't worry, just going through your background and interests really.
Thank you, yes it was exactly that. Nothing to worry about for anyone looking at this for advice, but make sure to do a lot of preparation so you can answer everything confidently.

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