Initial kit issue at first unit.

Greetings kit monsters, I am after a bit of advice on initial kit issue.

I've just rejoined and I'm wondering what kit I should be issued at my 'First Unit' (Again.) I handed back, dished out or just lost all my original kit from me first stint in the regs, I'm now back in that funny green stuff full time and wondering what webbing/bergan/mess tin type stuff I should be getting me hands on.

I would ask at the clothing store here but they are a bit on the busy side getting people in MTP at the mo - I'd rather turn up with a with a rough idea of what I'll be getting. (I've been trying to get hold of kit since Jan - But I always seem to have to 'come back tomorrow/next week' - well it is a store after all.) :)

Advice/piss taking much appreciated.


So far I've been issued:
Ear defs, Balaclava wanking, Belt, Beret, Boots, Cap canteen, Cover helmet, Coveralls, Drawers sexpest, Resi, gloves, rank slides, jackets, liners, dhobi bags, shirts, silver shadows, shorts generating static, trousers, waterproofs, vests nipple destroying, grip, mug and a large helmet.
With the announcement today about Public sector pension cuts all soldiers are now being issued paramedic uniforms, nurses uniforms (most squaddies already have a dress) police uniforms, fire suits, ripped jeans to be bin men and a tweed suit incase your needed in the classroom.
Check IM CC
Do we get leather elbow patches on the tweed jackets or is that only for geography teachers?

(Cheers for the IM info!)
Geo's get the patches as an armourer though you will get the light brown flasher mac like the Technical drawing teachers used to get.

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