Initial interview worries.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JonSnow, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Hello,
    I've decided I want to join the army and an infanteer, but I am a little worried about the application process. The long and short of it is that I am a university drop out with about 450 UCAS points, but I do not wish to join as an officer as it wouldn't suit me, I'm not that person. My worry is that the recruiter will be hard at me to consider a technical role, particularly when he hears that my reasons for joining the infantry are to see combat and feel adrenaline; I worry he will tell me that they are not the reasons for joining the infantry (although, it may sound childish and I know I will get stick on here for it, the whole reason I want to join the army is to be in combat).

    Has anybody experienced this? Or if you are adamant about your choice, will they merely accept it?

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  2. I know =-| I was so nervous writing this after I've seen the abuse other people get, I know I'll get abused by 99% of people who reply but at least some helpful replies please.
  3. You sound a bit of a cock to be honest and normally I like to encourage people who post joining questons as I'm coming to the end of basic myself however I think I can say with all certainty that people like you are NOT what we need.

    Taking a life is a big thing, not an adrenaline rush as you seem to think. Stick to COD. Really.
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  4. The French Foreign Legion is hiring. :? All the excitement you'd ever want - and dusky arses to kick too. You've just got to get to Paris to sign on. The recruiting sergeant won't try to talk you into becoming an officer; in his view all new would be soldats are worthless scum. ;-) (And he's usually right. ) :p

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  5. I'm sorry if that's the way I come across, and if I've offended you, I just thought I'd better be honest rather than pussy-footing around. I do also want a long career with good prospects and security, which the army can provide. Good look on finishing basic anyway.
  6. And a free sun tan thrown in........
  7. Oh there's no way they would ask me to be an officer, as I said I'm obviously not the type and that would be obvious from meeting me. I am assuming it was stupid of me to assume they would push me towards a technical role? I was only asking as it was a genuine worry.
  8. Seriously get over yourselves, bryan you haven't served 5 minutes and your already big timing it.

    There is no need to ridicule his motivation to join so either offer constructive advice or shut the **** up.

    Carry on being a cock and its the ban stick.
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  9. You haven't offended me, you simply don't understand what it's all about and if adrenaline and killing people is what you are looking for, again COD is for you - you don't seem to have the maturity to grasp what it's all about. And it ain't about adrenaline
  10. [​IMG]

    Is that the FFL Catering Corps?
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  11. I respect your opinion, but that's not a helpful answer. Some people simply do enjoy the act of soldiering, he never said that he wanted to join the infantry because he wants to shoot people.

    In reply to JonSnow, joining the infantry for excitement in a perfectly good reason for joining as long as you mention that you didn't want to be stuck in a boring 9-5 desk job, or that you enjoy living an active lifestyle - something along those lines.
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  12. They aren't my sole reasons for joining; I want to represent the country and her interests, I want to do a job I can be proud of and know that it makes a difference to the world rather than just paying the rent as I do now in a dead end job. The search for excitement is what draws me in particular to the infantry, but my reasons for joining the army on the whole are much more than wanting adrenaline. I would have to disagree with you on the maturity front, I don't think you can really make that assumption about me from a few posts made on the internet. By the way, I don't like cod.
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  13. is that really useful ? Perhaps you should add that "you like painting the grass green, ironing and washing the Drill Sq with a toothbrush"
  14. Thanks for the response. I'm currently a lab technician working 9-5 and I honestly can't stand it, so that would be true. I play rugby aswell as train in MMA and I run too, so I think I have the lifestyle down, again I only worry that recruiter will question my motives. I will make sure I mention the desk-job thing, thanks.