Initial Fitness Assesment- Oh Dear :-(

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Petrolhead, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Ok so I'm looking to join up for the REME in the new year.

    I knew I was out of shape so I've deliberately left plenty of time to get fit.

    Max press ups in 1 min - 9
    Max sit up in 1 min - 16
    Max chin ups - 0

    1.5 mile run time - 15:48 with 8 stops :oops:

    Needless to say this shameful performance means I shall be doing a lot more training.

    Going to try the Army fit programme but any other hints would be good.

    Also going to lose a couple of stone, 5'8 and 13 stone at the mo with about 22% bf.
  2. over fit for the REME then

    go out running every day, build up your distance. cut out fatty foods and fizzy drinks.

    Run with a 10kg daysack on your back, keep running with it even when the weight and distance drop off

    go to a gym or play park and rope climb/practice pull ups

    before going to bed do 100 crunchies
  3. I'm bad for the fizzy drinks, gave them up from today lack of fizz will help the stitches and lack of sugar will help my fat ass shrink :p

    Thinking about buying one of them chin up bars for the door frame.
  4. Me thinks you need to do a bit more yet,at my ripe old age I can do more than that.Don't give up,we are not all gladiators and some need a bit of encouragement.
    Do a little, often,walk instead of driving/taking the bus,slow your run down so you can breathe comfortably while running,keep at it and think of what the benefits will be.
  5. Just remember - when you run, don't stop running and start walking when you're knackered, unless you are genuinely injured. It'll be that much harder to start running again. Even if you are completely fucked and have to slow right down, keep jogging until you've recovered. If you can get that sorted, it'll really benefit you psychologically. You should get used to running at least 3 miles without stopping by the time you start training.
  6. Going for a 20 min run tomorrow, will try not to stop running even if I am running at walking pace lol.

    Might leave it a bit longer after lunch see if it helps with the stitches.
  7. I agree with everything said above. I couldn't run more than about 500m when I joined the TA a few years back. Now I can do 10k runs for charity. Just takes time, daily perseverance, and no expectation that things'll get better quickly.

    They take time, but the improvements do come. Remember you are making a life change, not a month change.
  8. What's keeping me going when things get tough is am image in my head of me operating as as a vehicle mechanic .

    Every time things get tough I keep coming back to that.
  9. Don't get one of those chin up bars - you'll destroy the house, chubby.

    Cut out the sugar - get it out of everything. If you can drive there, walk. If you can walk there, run.

    Get to a point where you can jog up the hills and run down and on the flats. Then run up the hills and sprint down and on the flats.

    In basic you'll meet 35 - 40 year old cpl's that'll run all day. Get used to it and get upto the front.

    Do really slow Jenda situps - 3 sets of 3 for starters then increase them.

    Gut luk, tommy!
  10. eating 100 crunchies before bed won't help your goals =P
  11. You should do great in REME, well ahead of your contemparies!

    Takes most REEMs 12 years to attain that level of fitness. :lol:

  12. Postman Twit, with a time under 10 min, how could i get to the above level within a couple of months, would living above a kebab shop help??

    please give guidence
  13. I'd try living in the kebab shop :roll:
  14. HAHA, thats great..."I will screw that bolt tighter...I WILL get that Oil change complete before our 3 o' clock (only in the REME) NAAFI break".

    Good luck fella...
  15. Yet you stopped 8 times when running just 1.5 miles?

    Get a grip of yourself man or the army wont have you. Its as simple as that.