Initial Army Officer interview (Palace Barracks)

Good Afternoon

I have my initial Army officer interview next week , and was wondering if anyone on here has recently done theirs and could tell me what to expect.

I am approaching this interview like any other and from threads and just some common sense came up with questions I think would be asked;

- About myself
- Why I want to join
- What do i feel like i can offer
- Current affairs
- Current operations and deployments
- Qualifications and work
- What regiment I would be interested in joining, why and what do i know about them.
- My day to day life and family situation

Anyone got any other suggestions?
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I would not have put the place and date of your interview on the internet, in case your interviewer was an Arrse member ? Persec is a wonderful thing esp in Norn Iron
It's not just a knowledge test, they're looking for someone with a decent head screwed on. One would argue that stating the place and date of your interview isn't a shining example of the aforementioned characteristic, however we all make mistakes. I would add that you should know about the place in the world our nation has, for example, did you know that we are permanent member of the UN security council? It's not a current affairs topic, we've had that role since 1945, but things like that are expected to be known. Good luck with your interview.

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