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Hello, doing some reseach on my granddads service history. Have his 1915 star with ribbon, stamped name rank and number . His service book, half of it blank. His medal index card showing 15 star, british and victory. Also recorded is "Theatre of war Africa date of entry 03-11-14". He also served in India dates unknown. Can anyone tell me what batt he was in? I,ve tried for 3 hours online looking at unit history of R.I.F and cant find the right answers. RIF was in the Boer War but these dates dont tie in. Did my grandda get on the wrong boat? Was he meant to be in France instead? Any help welcome.
The 1st Battalion sailed from India to the UK landing in the UK on 10 Dec 1915. Is it possible that the entry in Dec 1914 refers to, e.g. a stop en route in Egypt in Dec 1914?

However, 3 November 1914 might also be significant because it is the date of the battle of Tanga, the date that the expeditionary force from india landed in German East Africa. This battle has the dubious disctinction of being written in the Official History of the War as “one of the most notable failures in British military history".

Is it possible that he may have been attached in some capacity to that force?
The Long long trail website ( has the 1st Bn landing in UK on 10Jan1915. I can't find any British battalions in Force B, which fought at Tanga, other than the North Lancs.

Try the Great War forum; there may be someone who could tell you when he enlisted, from his service number. Maybe he was an NCO instructor with one of the Indian units at Tanga. Maybe he was sick when the 1st Bn sailed, and he ended up being attached once he recovered; is there any mention of a hospital stay in his service book?
My grandda enlisted in Belfast on 19 Aug 1912. No mention of any sick notes thou as i said , half of the service book is blank. Will try the Innis regi website mentioned above. thanks to all . merry xmas :D
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