iniative tests for help for heroes - urgent help required

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DAKOTA_STAB, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. i kind of need help from the collective of arrse. the sqn are doing a fund raiser for help for heroes. the troops are split into small groups of 3/4 and have been given various tasks around the country, no money to do it with and have to be back at lyneham by thursday morning - ish.
    one group is currently en route to edinburgh and their tasks are as follows
    perform with the chippendales
    mascot at a sporting event
    paint the forth bridge
    muck out an elephant
    act on stage
    group photo with a celebrity
    and of course raise a minimum of £100 for help for heroes

    the performing with chippendales maybe not so hard as the chippendale school of furniture is in edinburgh but the rest needs arranging so if anyone can help then it would be spot on

    the other group is currently en-route to hull and then onto the angel of the north - one of their tasks
    names displayed on a premier scoreboard
    perform with the chippendales
    cook in a 4 star restaurant
    slide down a firemans pole
    visit the isle of man
    speak on the radio
    paint a piccie and sell for minimum of £20
    act on stage
    group photo with a celeb

    so if anyone can help then please let me know eith by pm or post away.
  2. I live near Hull, If they paint a picture I'll give £20 for it...As long as the £20 goes in the pot for H4H
  3. cheers medman, thats spot on - how do they go about getting in contact, to exchange hard cash for a priceless piece of artwork?
  4. bump - any takers?
  5. can they speak on the radio anywhere in the country or just where they are?
  6. i think anywhere mate, as long as they do the task, they are going to approach local radios to see if they can actually get on a live show, faing that try to phone as many stations like radio 1 talk sport etc.