Inhumane treatmeant of AQ people

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Aw...diddums...
  2. Life

  3. Ta for that

    Outrage bus needs POL'ing

    Unfortunately, the bloke is from Libya.

    Hence Current Affairs.

    Muslims freed from the mad dog are now free to spout any shite they want. Islamic fundamentalism is now unchecked.

    The next target will be?
  4. No, its just the use of 'remote controlled weapons' that are inhumane, as they weren't around at the time of the prophet. I imagine, however, that human guided airliners are totally in line with the peaceful teachings of the Koran.
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  5. TA for that too
  6. Do AQ have a volunteer/territorial service? :s
  7. Yes. You can see them wandering about loose all over the UK and Europe.
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  8. I think drone strikes will increase; with the news that the US are running out of confidence with Pakistan and have found alternative LOCs, it must be a certainty that the US will go all out for topping AQ and affliates in far greater numbers.

    Not that I have any complaints mind. Good job.
  9. Ah, the old terrorist hypocrisy in full effect!
  10. Remember Achmed, Mr Hellfire is NOT your friend.
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  11. Good news comes from heaven for evil people, it's called appropriately 'Hellfire' and raptor as a high flying eagle
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  12. Hmm.. reading this from the ever so pc Guardian.. :- US losing patience with Pakistan over insurgent bases, warns Panetta | World news | Quote "It is very important for Pakistan to take steps. It is an increasing concern, the issue of safe haven, and we are reaching the limits of our patience," Reuters quoted him as saying.
    Makes one wonder what steps might be taken once the limits have been reached, stopping the $billions in aid/bribes to the Pakistani military/political elite or an another military intervention/attack ala Iraq?
  13. My heart bleeds.

    They just dont like the fact that they have suddenly found themself on the wrong side of asymetric warfare.

    "But...but...but...that's not fair!" they wail.
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  14. But somehow, I just do not feel sad that justice is given in this manner.