inheritied handgun its scrap metal isnt it?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by brighton hippy, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. on another forum a spam was asking as his britsh mate has inherited a GI 1911.
    found in a barn apprantly.
    was asking if there was anyway of legally exporting back to the US.
    thought I ask if there was a way just in case there was.
  2. first thing to realise is the brit 'mate' is in possession of an illegal unregistered firearm. now that is serious pokey time. (if its not a de-act)
    'I was just going to ask the police if I could export this handgun I found to a mate in the states' will make a very interesting defence plea and I for one would love to hear the judges reply.
  3. If its in the UK dump it as handing it in to the police can be a pain in the butt, the nearest deep water sounds good, of course I did not tell you this

    A pal of mine found , some time ago, a very tatty MP40 while walking his dog and rang me. I gave him the above advise but the fool went to the police, wich ended up with a crowd of coppers turning his house over cos they didn't believe him
  4. Where did this mystery weapon come from then? "Inherited" sounds very dodgy to me.
  5. He found an MP40? In this country? "Ow very straaaaaange!"

    A friend of mine [a friend of a friend actually] APPARENTLY found an L85A1 after a major exercise on a civvy airbase in the "North West". They lost x3 of them apparently. He APPARENTLY mounted it on his sitting room wall. Load of balls I reckon.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Any RFD can look after it for you, if its a 1911 not an A1 then its section 7 and can be owned on a FAC!
  7. How can that be Ugs, it's still a semi-auto / SLP ain't it?
  8. The MP40 was found below a bridge on the M4 just outside Cardiff it had been probably been thrown from a car. he phoned me and I then phoned a friend in the police who told us, off the record to dump it. Friend 1 thought it his duty to hand it in .The local plod went ape and he was cautioned and his house was searched ,it was some time before the weapon was found to have never been used in a crime, it was more than likly thar whoever dumped it was doing the same thing but missed the river rhumny
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    So its a pistol produced before 1919 albeit not in an obsolete calibre means it has to be stored at a section 7 facility rather than at home such as a 9mm Steyr. I had 2 of those both sect 7 and self loaders but also obsolete calibres, I kept those at home with my webly revolver and colt new service in .455 but the webley .25 and Colt 03 in .32 both had to be stored at Bisley or somewhere similar!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    In fact late model Rugers or revolvers and pistols of special significance could be applied to be kept for aesthetic reasons!
  11. so the rozzers couldnt be arrsed checking if a found illegal weapon was used in a crime and its much easier for them if it just went away???

    thing is I can quite believe this happening. :roll:
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Anyone recall the FAL getting chucked in the briney Hippy?
  13. I never owned a FAL and know nobody who went rabbit hunting with one.
    you can't shoot an air rifle here its a nature reserve
    don't worry its not an air rifle its a machine gun :twisted: :roll:
    did'nt actually hit any bunnies but sacred a couple
    I certainly never stole half a belt of 7.62 as that would have been very naughty.
    although a certain officer half inched the companys 9mm :roll:
  14. Oh... thats interesting. So, bone question #2 coming ... can you legally fire them then?
  15. update the owner of said gun has some contacts with armed response so they are going to check it foresnicaly then clear it for export appantly or may just vanish into scrap