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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cykblacky, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,
    ok i`m a civi but i have a question.
    I have inherited a Smock from my Dad .
    Can anybody tell my how to role up the Hood?
    If i do it it looks floppy and shite

  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    So I can forget that tenner then?
  3. The hood functions in two róles, Up and Down.
  4. youre better keeping with the ally look leaving the hood down, i do!
  5. Your too cool for school tank
  6. of course, hence why i'll be a private all my days haha.
  7. As anyone who's been around a while will testify, there are certain things you never, ever ask; how to roll your smock hood is one of them. Its just not the done thing.
  8. Give the kid a break!

    It's easy. Put the smock on, and put the hood up over your head. Then roll the hood back towards your neck as far as you can. Take the smock off, and continue rolling the hood back and then tie it off.

    Don't listen to the "hood down" brigade on here. No sense of style. I expect they don't even carry a silver topped cane into battle either, or even a rolled up umbrella. Peasants!

  9. ok sensible answer, lay the smock on the floor inside down and flip the hood inside out so technically its facing the other way. I normally fold the corners of the hood in first and tuck the draw strings inside when folding the corners, keeps them out of the way and looks neater. then neatly from the peak roll the hood back smoothing out creases as you go. The tie to restrain the hood can often be a bit too long if the hood is tightly rolled, simply twist the tie a few times to tighten up then button down.

    Also depending on what smock it is there may be a wire in the hood for shaping when worn up. Its personal preferance whether to remove that wire, i did.
  10. The next thread on here will something like 'How do I tie a bow?'. :lol:
  11. Thanks fore the reply gents.
    I know it`s a stupid question.
    But my Dad always said there is a right way and an army way and i just wanted the army way.
    So now i can do it the army way and make my dad proud as he watches me from the big parade square in the sky.
  12. You're a civvy, wearing a smock won't impress him or anyone else.
  13. bit harsh CQ ya cnut! ;)
  14. yea right but it was his and it`s the only thing left so get lost
  15. Did he serve under an officer by the name of Napier? :D