Inherited a house in Co. Cavan, Eire

We were unofficially informed yesterday that my wife's Auntie has popped her cloggs and left her a property in Co. Cavan, Eire. Details will be forthcoming over the next week or so but I've had a quick look today on Property IE at houses for sale in the area and, much to my surprise, there's (a) absolutely loads of them and (b) they're cheap as chips.

Now considering we 'aint going to get rich on any sale proceeds we might think about either a holiday home thing or, depending on the place itself, a more permanent move as there's nothing much to keep us around here anymore.

Does anyone have any info. or can recommend a website where I can find out about Services, Healthcare, Taxes, good and bad, do's and dont's etc., and the benefits/downside of a move to Ireland or any other useful information.

All contributions gratefully received.

Yup, the property bubble burst something massive south of the boarder. Never been to Cavan so I can't comment on what it is like however here is a link about Irish health care:

My mum lives down south and had had health problems for a number of years. I can't get my head around the convoluted system they have so I can't answer your questions. But I do know that she pays for VHI treatment (like BUPA) otherwise the waiting lists can be massive. Her treatment has been very good off the back of it but I do believe it is quite expensive if your not used to paying for health care.

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There is good news. A, its a house. B, people are always going to need one.
Bad news its a house in the republic. Cavan is on the border iirc its Fermanagh and downwards. So its border and inland. No wet bits.
Be interesting especially if its really rural there's nothing rural shifting in the north. From what I hear there's little shifting in rural border areas either. I've an old friend stashed in Donegal and he's having a hard time.

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The upside is you got a house
downside is that it's in the ROI, property is on it's arse and you will now be liable for all the recent charges and taxes,ie property tax..yearly ,septic tank charges 'bin collection charges, and a raft of other things ,property is now a millstone.
. So its border and inland. No wet bits.
On the contrary its all wet bits!!! Its a web of a myriad loughs linked to the Erne. I've had many happy fishing expeditions (pike/bream mainly) there. My first thought when I saw the thread title was to let it out to Brit (and German) holiday anglers as a fishing base? If you get a good word of mouth base of repeat visitors you could make a reasonable income from it.
its in cavan. im not sure what the british equivilant would be but try imagine an irish version of the hills have eyes with more rain and worse roads.

congradulations you now owe the irish gov. on a yearly basis a property tax, household charge, water tax, septic tank tax and if you want to relocate here the list is considerably longer and indefinatly more costly than your side of the pond. theres even an inheritance tax...

cant imagine how you wouldnt gain from selling it. an acre alone in cavan would fetch atleast 30 grand. if you want ill take it off your hands :D
No info. yet on size, condition, location etc., just a 'phone call. The wife was the only family left so she gets it all we assume - hope there was some gold ingots or collectibles in there !!

I'll do a bit of digging and suss it out but I've paid in top whack Tax/NI etc., here for 40 years and I'm inclined to say 'non' to a permanent move unless it's something really special.

We'll see what happens over the next few weeks.
On the contrary its all wet bits!!! Its a web of a myriad loughs linked to the Erne. I've had many happy fishing expeditions (pike/bream mainly) there. My first thought when I saw the thread title was to let it out to Brit (and German) holiday anglers as a fishing base? If you get a good word of mouth base of repeat visitors you could make a reasonable income from it.
Very wet area (365 lakes apparently, one for every day of the year). Excellent area for fishing.
Mother lives in Ireland.
Her house has dropped in value from €280,000 to €80-100,000 depending on the breaks.
Don't expect to see any increase in property values in Ireland in your lifetime, you can pick up new bulid 4 bedroom detached for €100,000 or offers, and the market is super saturated with unsold new builds.

Co Cavan? Out in the sticks, the family have a farm there. Nothing to do but watch the grass grow and the cows take a dump.
Come on guys...Cavan is a border county. Think about smuggling diesel, fags, booze etc. Ask Slab Murphy for some advice. At the very least you could rent it out as a republican safe house!.....'s a gold mine.
Bear in mind you probably won't be able to give it away.

Cavan AFAIK is very rural.

Property tax has replaced the household charge, water charges are on the way.

If you expect to get sick, first don't !, secondly get private healthcare (shop around!!)

If your thinking of working here - there is PRSI (national insurance), PAYE and Universal Social Charge (tax to pay for 14% unemployment).

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Nothing to do but watch the grass grow and the cows take a dump.
People will pay money for that; English people mostly.

Just to confuse the Brits, may I point out that it's in Ulster.
Its by all accounts a slow moving country area. Think about it the same way, slowly. UK pension is transferable, driving is on the same side of the road, same language. Nothing to be gained by trying to sell quickly, unless you want to give it away. Does it have land attached that can be rented out to a farmer, or fishing rights? If it does have land that can be classified as agricultural check if "set aside" applies, if so you can draw some income from the EU.
There must be other properties close by that are bank repossessions or that are half built and can be picked up for very little. If so it may be worth selling up in the UK, buying another property close by and running one of the properties for rental income. Those going for fishing will pay well. You can offer breakfast and dinner for them, offer to drive them to the ghillie etc etc and charge for it. If they can afford to travel to Ireland for fishing they are likely to be willing to pay well for an all services provided house.
Add the income from any set aside that may apply to the rental income, add in your pension, add in the money received for your UK property, put your money in Jersey or Guernsey to avoid any possible Cyprus style problems and it may be very well worth the move. Even without set aside its probably worth doing.
Disregard the ney sayers cavan is alright. As for property charges anyone who has a house in England/Scotland/Wales should be paying a lot less than they do in council tax.
If your a huntin,shooting, fishing sort you will be in heaven. Same with peace and quiet. if your not into that then forget it. Irish pubs are not all the fun filled places they are all portrayed as either.
As for heath care an EU health card should help you out though with Fermanagh next door you have access to the NHS. You may have to register as a visitor though and give a UK address. Enniskillen has a good brand spanking new hospital as well (I should know (worked on it as a contractor) and found my self as a "guest" for a few weeks as well. Better treatment than I get in England and made a few friends at the same time.
Everyone in the boarder counties shop in the north as its a LOT cheaper than the south. Again Enniskillen has the usual Asda M&S etc.
If you think selling the property will be for the best don't expect UK prices for the equivalent. As for £30grand an acre. My Arse!
Cavan boarders some of the best unspoilt areas in these isles. Leitrim is one of Irelands best kept secrets. Your forty minutes away from several unspoilt beaches as well.
natives are mostly friendly but don't expect to be part of the community for a few years same with rural UK.
Every time I go over I wonder why I come back (that sounds like I'm getting a bit Irish myself). Go over for a holiday you will either love it or hate it.


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There is nothing wrong with County Cavan. I found the people friendly, the food mostly plain but good, and the natural parks, walks and rambles very pleasant. Its not known as the "Lakeland" for naught. If you like the country life, its a fair fit. If you prefer the metro squeeze and squalor, then not. I'd keep it and determine a way to make it pay for when I'm not there. The average salary for the County is €19000 and most of the population are older and steadier. If carefully done, hiring local part time won't damage the budget.

Set it up for self-catering holiday rental and I'll place a reservation.
I`ve come across a few English ex pats in the Cavan area, mostley retired /semi retired.

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