Inherited a Farm; need advice

I've recently inherited a farm from a distant relative. It measure 42 hectares, but you really can't grow anything on it. Hence why the old fecker made his money by trapping on it for furs. Am thinking of opening a game preserve. One where people can test their strength by trying to knock whatever aminals i stock unconcious by fist. While I realize that I may have to chain or otherwise restrain some of the larger animals( bears, wild boars, etc) in order to keep them from fighting back, I think it will be well worth the added expense. ( also, in light of this, the bull will be drugged). I intend to make all guests sign a waiver (so that there will be no liability issues). In light of all this,I have some questions, and would appreciate suggestions:

1. What sort of animals would YOU like to knock out?
2. Would you travel to Canada to partake in this action?
3. Could there be legal issues for which I should prepare?
4. Anyone know where to get a baboon?

Thanks all for your help.
Any MP
Yes, If I really had to
Houses of Parliament.
Are we allowed to have sex with the animals after they're knocked out?

Just thought I'd ask before nominating one to knock out.

Can't see there being any legal issues... sounds like a great business venture and demonstrates ingenuity on how to use otherwise useless land.

Baboon.... funny you should ask...
See here: SW1A 2AA - Google Maps

Canada... provided it's not snowing.
1 Deers are nice, I could knock one out over a little Bambi.
2 Canada is a long way from here, she would have to be a really sexy dear.
3 Probably, but if the farm is remote enough no one will see.
4 I used to get babooned in the sqn bar on a regular basis.
Invite all our pikeys to migrate there and camp out.
There's a Vidal Baboon in Banbury. We trapped it in a pallet cage and elevated it with the forklift. General abuse was enjoyed by many. It can be shipped over for the right fee!
Cherie or Tony Blair, I would drag my bollocks over gravel the distance to the moon to knock them cunts the fuck out! Thieving toby jug headed pikey scum

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