Inheritance tax petition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vimeiro, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Whilst these are in vogue at the moment below is a link to sign the petition for doing away with Inheritance tax at the next budget.

    Cynically I know unlikely to happen but just trying to be a nuisance this afternoon.
  2. Let me think. Shall I pay a wedge of tax after I'm dead or pay an extra 2p in the £ on my earnings now?
    Mmm. Difficult that. Tell you what you pay your wedge now now and I'll pay mine when I'm dead - seems fair as you started it.
  3. Well said.

    Even approx. 1% of govt. income - roughly the claimed amount raised from this tax - is a lot of dosh. The only way to make up for its loss would be to cut spending (chop the rest of the RN?) or to raise other taxes (or a bit of both). Which do the death duty abolitionists want?

  4. So they tax your wages, then they tax everything you buy, then you die and they want to tax you then as well!

    **** off Labour!

    It ain't the fact that you get taxed when you are dead..........clearly that's not gonna worry you. Its the people who have to deal with that tax who it fcks over. Family etc.
  5. HH forgot to mention that your savings are taxed into the bargain.

    Pork Pie raised the question of replacing the revenue raised by 'death' tax. Simple I reckon - stop dishing out squillions to African dictators; stop dishing out even more squillions to the European Soviet Union (ESU); stop dishing out squillions to so-called asylum seekers; stop dishing out squillions to any Tom, Dick or Harry who just turns up in UK with hand held out; dismantle the endless layers of government which cost zillions - ESU, Welsh Assemby, Scottish Parliement, Regional Assemblies and most urgent of all the Mayor of London and his appalling collection of unreconstructed Marxists.