Inherent corruption?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. From the BBC:
    Allegations of EU malfeasance: yet again.
    Peter Mandelson’s name in the frame: yet again.

    Aside from the massive issues that I have with the existence of the EU and EU commissioners (civil servants) wielding more power than the elected representatives, do all countries send their failed / corrupt / inept politicians to fill these roles as a kind of sleazy public servant 'finishing school'? :evil:

    Am I wrong to advocate locking the doors & burning them all? :twisted:
  2. Dozy Bint wrote

    Make them suck each other off first, then close the door and burn them, on the other hand, sucking men off is right down Mandelson's street.

    I would like to see Mandelson have some hospitality in a hospital.

    The EU will always be full of corruption and more so now the ex eastern block countries have seen the gravy train in action. :evil:
  3. Lets not forget Neil Kinnock, the outgoing European commissioner,in his role as the appointed corruption-buster would receive a pay-off of about £277,000 over the next three years followed by an annual pension of £63,900 a year for life.

    He has in his five years discovered no corruption and had nobody brought to account.
  4. You, Duke, are a sick, sick man: I like you! :twisted:

    My fears exactly. The EU, in my opinion, is financially unsustainable even if people act honestly and within the laws, let alone when it exists as a gravy-train to support the lifestyles of the want-to-be rich and famous.

    :evil: All I can say to that is (in the style of Andy) "Ah whan tha job" :roll: :wink:
  5. Of course they do, look who labour have sent across there recently...

    That GWAR Kinnock
    That GWARS wife, MRs Kinnock

    Talk about corruption inc.
  6. Dont forget that he sacked the lady he hired to find the corruption, when she actually found some corruption! :x
  7. Doesn't locking the doors and burning them breach some kind of European law?
  8. The fact that Kinnock found no corruption is a sign that corruption is enormous. There is always corruption in any organisation of any size so an inability to find any at all means that it is so all pervasive that either no-one notices it or the seeker has too much to lose.
  9. What do you expect from an organisation where it's own accountants have refuse to sign off the accounts for 10 years. In the UK that would be grounds to get the Serious Fraud Office involved, oops - silly me, they have immunity from prosecution!
  10. Actually peeps, a recent motion, led by UK Eurosceptics and supported by MEPs from the Czech Republic and other new members of EU, (including, I believe Poland, was defeated by the Pro Europeans.

    So, they keep, amongst other things, their £2,000 a month travel allowance (most spend about half of it on travel, if that!). I would agree that the EU needs radical overhauling. However, while France, Germany and Italy hold all the aces, nothing will change. (Witness the French referendum on EU constitution, currently looking like losing for being 'too liberal [ie too British].

    It is clear to anyone who opens their eyes in the morning the EU is not going to change the way we want it too. It is a profoundly corrupt, elitist and un-democratic organisation. If anything, it's performance over the last 2-3 years suggests it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better - if it ever does. I am now of the mind we should leave the rotten, fetid, moribund and corrupt entity we refer as the EU as soon as possible, before it is the ruination of Europe generally, and our own country specifically.
  11. Well, the European Parliament has the integrity of a ruptured flotation screen on a 432...the real issue is why do we spend a gazillion beer vouchers a year to support it and its corrupt mechanisms, which seem pre-conditioned to shaft British manufacturers, farmers and business people?

    The European Community?? Time for the European ASBO more like! The European constitution? Up your multi-national pipes, jean claude, Hans, Emilio and Sven!!