Ingrown Toenail

This has been alluded to before but it seemed reasonable to start a new thread for this specific problem.

I'm 37 and have never had any problems of this nature until recently. I've always cut my toenails square across as far as possible but some months ago my right big toenail split on its left hand front edge. To remove the splinter I had to trim it round into the corner. Since then, this corner has started to thicken and dig into the flesh. It's still what I think could be called an incipient problem in that it hasn't become critical. However, it's got really annoying over the last few days so I looked it up and found that it is what the docs call an ingrowing toenail. I'm going to get an appointment tomorrow as it seems that the earlier this is treated the more successful the outcome.

There is a good description of the problem here:

and a good illustration of how to trim your toenails:

The true chronic ingrown toenail can look like this:

so get onto it right away!

Worth being a sticky I think.
If you cannot get some medical help for it (on ops etc.,) I have found that an effective remedy is to cut a V shaped notch in the centre of the nail.

It relieves pressure and may prevent further ingrowing. Certainly, it relieves the pain, and enables you to stag on.
I have done all of the "right" things in the past, but once you get them it seems they are there to stay. I now periodically have to butcher my toes with various implements! normally only my big toes, but sometimes the inner ones too...

Ohhhh I know what you mean django. I'm frequently conducting a bit of 'home surgery' to ensure my toes stay healthy. Although having scapels and other odd bits of my old uni dissecting kit mean I can generally do a tasty job.

However, I must remember not to do it in front of potential suitors, apparently it can make them feel rather queasy - pussys! ;-)
Yeah I have the nice toenail scissors - evil buggers, nice and long and thin, also plier type curved scissors - good strong cutting action - and standard clippers. Mostly does the job. Special little spurs of nail that grow off the edge of the main thing and into the corner of my toe...ow!
Nice, I had to hack one of my big toe's apart some years ago to rectify the ingrowing problem, seemed to do the trick as it hasn't come back.
Did a foot inspection for my platoon of recruits the other day, prior to a three mile tab, and found some horrendous problems, one lad, had toe nails so long that they had curled over and were pressing back into the skin, 8O looked like an eagles talons, he swears he doesn't swoop down and pluck rabbits out of fields though.
GO TO A CHIROPODIST URGENTLY - if it is left too long the nail will have to be removed.

It is likely they will cut a V in it, raise the nail at the side and put padding underneath to stop it cutting into the toe. Avoid doing "messing" with the toe afterwards, my advice is to go in a few weeks time to get it checked.

Avoid tight (or poor fitting) shoes & socks.

Soak the toes in warm water a few times a day to clean & soften the nail.

If it isn't fixed so it will stay like that.
Mine seems to be growing out now. It was only incipient - i.e. it looked as though it would become ingrown. It's stopped giving any pain and is just about clearing the skin at the end of the toe now so looks like I got away with it. I couldn't get a Chiropodist appiointment for six weeks anyway.
I had both my big toes done when i was about 15... never had pain like it when they injected the anaesthetic in between then joints of your toes. moral of the story.. look after your feet!

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