Ingram sacked - but keeps pension

From BBC:

Millionaire cheat sacked by Army

Major Ingram escaped prison because he has a young family
The major who cheated his way to the top prize on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has been thrown out of the Army.
Major Charles Ingram, who used an accomplice's coded coughs to answer questions on the quiz, has been asked to resign his commission.

The Bosnian veteran received a letter on Thursday morning from the Army board of inquiry, telling him to leave by 20 August.

But the Major will receive a gratuity, allowing him to keep the pension he has built up after his 17 years of service.

Prepared to work

Major Ingram was convicted earlier this year of deception, along with his wife Diana and Welsh college lecturer Tecwen Whittock, 53.

The former Royal Engineer had earlier said he would be prepared to take work on a farm to support his family should he lose his job.

The Ingrams, both 39, were each fined £15,000, ordered to pay £10,000 costs, and received 18-month prison sentences, suspended for two years.

Whittock, from Whitchurch, Cardiff, was sentenced to 12 months in prison, also suspended for two years, and was fined £10,000 and ordered to pay £7,500 in costs.

The judge at Southwark Crown Court spared them jail because of their young families, telling them to "thank their lucky stars".

Profiting from crime

The Ingrams have received various offers of work since their appearance in court, which made headlines around the world.

Although they are banned by law from profiting from their crime in the UK, they could make money from it by working abroad.

Ingram is understood to be writing a book about his experiences and has received invitations to give after-dinner speeches.
About time. He was and still is an incredibly stupid man. He deserved to get caught, not because of the level of the crime, but because of his crass stupidity. The sad thing is, he's not the only blithering idiot to hold a commission in this Army, there's one or two others. Pains me why he was invited to resign though.
Not quite the 'done thing', LE OC, but ....... Moderators, was he/is he an ARRSE?


Is he here mods?? is he? Is he?

If he is I say strip him of his avatar and medals forthwith and banish him from the boards. Send him to the naafi where I can abuse him :lol:

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