Ingram misled MPs on soldiers views

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. The truth is out, thanks to FoI. Ingram must be subjected to intense questions in the Commons. Someone needs to have the b@lls to call him a "liar" otherwise the shameless liar will cling onto office.

    From the Scotsman:

  2. Proof that writing to your MP does make a difference.
  3. When labour was in power in my area, i wrote to them , as the forces refused to issue my red book, after i had left for over 8 months, shame that, and since i talked to the shadow blokey on conservative side he kicked up a hellva stink about it, in the commons, as well as strongly worded letters to the people in glasgow. No wonder labour got ousted!!
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Well done Sabre, pity we can't remember the Shadow Blokes name but good on him too.
  5. Was it that nice Mister Churchill that the old dears are still voting for - or was Sabre's service a little more recent?.
  6. The issue of the future of the Jock Regiments aside; how can this man be allowed to state such a blatant lie and get away with it. He will face no censure, reprimand or punishment. He has misrepresented the views of the Army and yet will not be held accountable. The same with any statement of supposed fact; where is your source material Mr Ingram?

    If I told such baseless whoppers, I would be charged with stating a falsehood. The man should be sacked for being a lying git.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Perhaps he chose to listen to who he wanted to.. Its not as if we get the option of meeting visiting ministers with rotten eggs..

    RSM "Right lads, that nice Mr Ingram is coming to visit this afternoon, all those that want to pelt him with rotten eggs get away to the kitchens smartish and grab some ammo off Chef, he's got palets of the stuff for you. All you chaps that want to meet him over drinks and tell him how you don't mind joining together with those lowlanders and even Johnny Frenchie in a Euro Army - the CO'll be hosting drinks this PM"
  8. The lying git was out and about at the Stirling Miliraty Show on Saturday. Looks just like all the rest of our MP's Lying kiniving B*$£ards. He was asking questions about TACTICAL & STRATEGIC RECRUITING. I had to walk away. Two Faced Gits the lot of them..
  9. The same way he got away with lies and misleading statements over service voting, presumably. This government has shown, time and again, that honour and probity are virtues that ministers should demonstrate; vide Blunkett, Mandelson et al.
  10. I know they only get told what they want to hear and if not, just lie because they will not be held accountable but it really p1sses me off. I for one would be happy to be part of the firing squad should we ever get a military junta who kicks these fools out.

  11. He actually said ""I have many anecdotes, some from Scottish regiments, many of which come from serving warrant officers, who say: 'Keep going, because this is about the future army structure, not about the past army structure.'" He never claimed to have anything in writing. The 'anecdotes' in question no doubt occurred during confidential one-on-one briefings. How surprising.