Inglorious Basterds - New Taratino WW2 film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by bwtsninja, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Looks good. Tarantino always equals bloodfest.
  2. Having now had the opportunity to have a butcher's at the trailer, I must say the filum looks a bit tasty. Even if that Tarantino geezer's a total nutter.

  3. looks top notch.
  4. Hmmm, Brad Pitt as an illiterate hillbilly Lieutenant, good to see our US cousins can do historical drama :twisted: :wink:
  5. My bold.

    You make that sound like a bad thing. It makes me want to watch it even more!
  6. Tarentino is god, this film will be the new testament.
  7. Been on about remakes a lot recently, seem to remember seeing this in the early 80's,basterds
  8. That was a bit clumsily expressed on my part. I mean that he has his own concept of what he wants and just goes for it. Sometimes it seems a trifle unhinged, if you're expecting the usual PC shite, but his filums are always spectacularly entertaining. That's why I'm gonna go and see this one when it comes out.

  9. its not a remake, its an entirely different movie with the same name, which is why they have changed the spelling of the title from the "original"
  10. Holy F uck this looks mental!
    I heard the rumours about QT doing this movie a couple of years ago. I think he originally wanted a collection of Hollywood heavy weights to star in it,as Robert Aldrich did in The Dirty Dozen. I heard he wanted Sylvester Stallone,Milcheal Madison and Ben Stiller to star in this as well.

  11. Stallone wanted to be in it but Tarrantino didn't give him a part, so Stallone went off and wrote his own script and his movie will be out soon as well, it sounds pretty good as well and has a great cast