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Got to get it off the ol' chest.

Waz in Kosovo and new crab plane (C130J) lands.  On board was usual pilot etc  plus 1 MP & 1 steward.

Crew hangs around a/c for 1 hr whilst re-fulling etc and then troop of squaddies appear after 6 month tour.  

The crabs then get the squaddies to remove all of the rubbish from the previous flight - from their friggin' aircraft.

Crabs then fly off and claim Kosovo medal and complete NRSA form.

To all Crabs - Were not worthy - were not worthy.....


Glad to know that the ****ing RAF are still up their usual high standard of obnoxiousness, (not easy to say) Maybe the crew had been reading some of the boards here and got confused by the amount of mentions of binmen. Still they really cannot help themselves, wrong DZ's, can't fly because the is a cloud in the sky, can't land you at that Grid, there is a wire 5 K's away. The usual high standard of 'Crab', since there is mention in the New Oxford Dictionary of 'doing a Delia' maybe the phrase ' Crab Standard ' should be added!! possible meanings?? ::)  
Didn't have em in my day - a/c served no great military purpose as they couldn't lift the big flaming balls and the archers kept falling off the back.  


Have had 2 interesting incidents with the Crabs this year. Was stranded in Sierra Leone after they failed to get one of their Hercs into the sky (it was a Friday with the weekend looming...!). Ended up buying civair tickets at huge expense and a bottom spanking from my Boss for baing the single biggest spender on his UIN!

Second one was being stuck at Brize for 26hrs waiting for a flight to Cyprus. Absolute carnage - families all over the shop, Op VERITAS troops in Gateway looking wartry and getting in the way, you can picture it now! When we finally got airborne (not in the Para lobotomy sense!) the French air traffic control told us to bug#er off so we went back to Brize for the night! Typical, some would say!!


And whats with having the unit turn up 12 hours before the flight sh1t, polishing the floor of the AMC with your back because they took the fukcing beds away and waking you at 0300 for breakfast when your flights not till 0830 hrs, and why is the AMC nowhere near Brize or South Cerney, what the waste of diesel is that all about!!
Well to be fair to the loadies/AirMeisters, they don't look too closely at the contents of your bergan on the flight back. Jesus, on that hop back from Cyprus, there couldn't have been any duty-free  fags or booze left on the Island.

TriStar Captain must have had his boots against the throttles lifting us out of Akkers.

If we'd crashed, the wreck would have burnt for a week, no problems.

But yes, it's still a bloody nause with AMC. Still Crab Breakfasts make it worthwhile  ;D

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