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Just called my savings bank (ING Direct) to make a transfer of cash to my current account. After a bit of conversation the young guy at the end of the phone (Billy) says "hang on a minute, I've gotta talk to a manager." So, I'm on hold for a while and Billy returns and tells me that he'll have to shut my account and transfer all the money into my other account (another bank) because I am not a UK resident. Dismay ensues......... I ask to speak with the manager who told him this and a woman answers the phone who tells me that because I'm not a 'permanent' UK resident for tax purposes she was going to have to close my account. I managed to persuade him not to shut the account and tell her that I'll call back.

By now the pair of them (Billy and her manager) have confused the hell out of me. There was me thinking that living at a BFPO address, keeping a house in UK and paying tax would keep ING happy. It seems that it doesn't!!!

I knew that the ING Call Centre would be no help so I thought - go straight to the top!!!!!

I found out who the CEO is (Mr Lindsay Sinclair) and gave the head office in Reading a ring on 0118 938 8000 (all details on the website - I just had to hunt around and put all the 'pieces' together). Once connected I asked the receptionist for Lindsay Sinclair and (to my dismay) found Mr Sinclair on the phone. I explained who I was, what I did and why I was calling him. He was very helpful and explained that his staff may have got a little 'confused' with UK tax rules and assured me that he would personally put a note on my account explaining that there wasn't a problem.

Aside from my waffling I wouldn't mind knowing if anyone else had this problem with ING Direct (or another bank)?????????????????
That is extremely odd.

I am no longer a UK resident, don't pay tax there, don't live there.

Still have a UK bank account with NatWest and a credit card from them as well.

Never had any problems with accessing or moving cash about.

Sounds to me like Billy and his mongeress didn't have a clue.


Was the call centre in India perhaps?
I had a similar problem with car insurance, own house in the UK and leaving the car in UK but was refused insurance after i had taken it out, even though i had explained all this and explained i was in the forces serving overseas but the car was staying on UK soil and i would be flying back to use it. I do not wish to name names but the insurance company uses a big grey animal with a long nose.

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