so whats after the knife, if I continue playing and losing this game things around the house are going to get bust. :mad:
furcking stupid thing..... :mad:

If I ever find where that farkin shop is that furkin old twaat is gonna get that furkin knife up his furkin arsse...if I ever manage to furkin get it..


Course there's something after the knife, it says "start" and you can do it all again, and I have not felt the urge to kill anybody either.... shame about the grandsons rabbit though....
(only joking) honest!!
There's a KNIFE?? :eek:
I cannot get past the beer!  :-[

Edited to add...........
Can do it now, had to be shown by my 15 yr old how to use the left key on the laptop! ::) :-[


War Hero
Was fucking easy you old bastards.
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