Infrared photography

I bought a roll of film but never got round to shooting it. Found it unloaded, unprocessed and ten years out of date just the other week! Key thing is that the film is sensitive to IR but that doesn't turn your camera into a night vision device or thermal imager. If it's 1000 ASA it's still only as fast as visible spectrum 1000 ASA (which I also found an unshot roll of!)
I have an IR scope with video output, quite good when fed through a video grabber into a Laptop
Didn't you have to use a dark red filter, so dark that you could hardly see through it ?
Do you use that for your under cover work?
Yep got some smashing video of an otter, the other week, but sat all night trying to get some shots of shearwaters leaving the burrow but got SFA appart from cold


Was issued some for a job once, camera had an ir filter fitted to the flash and we used IR lights to light up what we were looking at. Half the team had NVDs anyway but a useful tool then for recording stuff.
This can now be done using an old DSLR body, all DSLR's have a filter that removes IR light. These guys do it ACS costs about £300 to convert. One of the guys at camera club has had it done and the results look really good.
I had a go at this some years back. ISTR I got hold of some film which seemed expensive but it included the processing cost up had to send it to some dive in central London. I got the best results with a visually opaque filter but the exposure was complete guesswork (the film I had worked on the near-IR part of the spectrum so there was no reliable way of measuring the available light) and meant that you had to bracket a scene over quite a large range. This equated to an effective rate of three shots per roll.
The surrounding vegetation turned out as expected but I remember getting some really weird results with natural and man-made fibres.
Years ago, looking in to it, I remember there was a focusing difference to normal film so

manual adjustments have to be made to take care of that.


I will have to ask the lad who weilded the camera if he can remember what he did, it was 25 years ago now so he may probably have forgotten!
Fuji used to do a 5000 ASA colour film that would do quit a good job at short range in moonlight, Don't think they make it now though. I did some interesting stuff at Gatwick one night
We just used bog standard B&W film, red gelatine filters over a headlight and a Modulux II on the camera.

I don't recall uprating the film and probably would have used 100 ASA. The results were pretty primitive, though.

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