Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mountain_goat, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Very very cool, too cool in fact.
  2. Surely that's a thermal imager not "infra red"?
  3. sorry.. i used the title that was with the clip.

    Do you want to tell me what model of imager it is
  4. I didn't mean to pull you up it was just a comment.

    The film clip has the name FLIR in the top right so I guess it's one of these

    They refer to them as Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras so maybe we're both right :D


  5. I remember on our OP course during the night shoots taking it in turns to stand in front of the TIs and do a pee! Oh what larks Pip!

    I also remember on exercise watching two Gurkhas (through our TI kit )watching some civilians having a shag, through their II kit! As the lovers reached pre-climactic frenzy, gurkha no 1 let off a TF whilst Gurkha no2 pressed his face to the windscreen and let out an unearthly shriek!

    Yes the Army was a lot more fun in the 90s!
  6. Reminds me of a famous story of a couple of dug-in Chieftain crews on an FTX watching a Gurkha through their II kit giving a local lass a hammering in a meadow in front of their position...

    At the crucial moment, they gave him the benefit of their white light searchlights... :twisted:
  7. wish i could of seen that.. i'm crying just thinking about it.

    I was at pirbright a few years back and there was some Gurkas on one of the footy pitches getting some in and doing shuttle runs.
    I was in one of the class rooms and as they were running towards us they would disappear from view below the window and then re appear a few seconds later we were in bits for ages.